most people, he or she will discover it isn't very smart to attempt to shoot down a Ram of either sex.  The arrow will be shot right back, with the added Martian thrust of righteous outrage, not always hitting its mark immediately (Aries aim is not as true as the Archer's) but eventually finding its fiery way home.  Jupiter is a large and powerful star, but even in the sky, Jupiter remains a healthy distance away from the warlike Mars, ruler of Aries.  To fail to defend against attack would disgrace the Mars reputation for fearlessness, and topple the entire astrological structure.  It will never happen. 

But this is a 5-9 vibrational association, and the frequent friction between these two can be smoothed with the quick regret and open forgiveness both Sun Signs are capable of demonstrating when they've been naughty or unkind toward each other.  Neither Sag or Aries is able to contain anger for long periods of time, and neither Sun Sign bears ill will beyond the passion of the moment - unless one of them happens to have a Scorpio Moon Sign.  Then the injury might be remembered for more than a few days.  Even so, the Sun is more powerful than the Moon's lighter influence, and eventually, the sunny dispositions of the Ram and the Centaur will restore harmony between them. 

Many careers and activities attract the wandering, restless Sagittarian, from jungle safaris to gambling dens or the stock market, the biggest gambling den of them all - from horse breeding or dog training to religion - from medicine and the law, to higher education - as long as the Archer is free to move around, and talk - to take a chance, and find a thrill. 

Many careers attract the gregarious Aries too.  Just pick a profession, and the Rams will be happy to run it for you.  They're not choosy, as long as they can be boss.  Aries is a Cardinal Sign of leadership.  Sag is a Mutable Sign, and less inclined to seek authority.  Intuitively, the Archer knows the boss is tied down tot the desk, often being unable to take as many vacations as his or her employees - and Sag does love those vacations!  Actually, both of them prefer being their own boss, and gravitate toward occupations or professions where nobody tells them what to do, or when to do it. 

Although the Ram and the Archer are both essentially extroverts, both born under the Positive, Masculine Day Forces, you'll beet more quiet Archers than quiet Rams.  Perhaps that's because the more philosophically oriented Sagittarians have discovered the hard way - that you learn more when you're listening than when you're talking.  After all, Jupiter does rule higher education (among other things), and it's only natural that the Jupiter-ruled gradually become adept at self-education.  Archers are all naturally intuitive, and the meaning of 'in-tuition' is to be taught from within. 

To understand the basic difference between Sag and Aries, it's necessary to understand the differences between the two planets that rule them, Jupiter and Mars.  These two people are so much alike, on the surface, that it may be hard to detect any differences, but there are. 

Jupiter influences the Sagittarian man, child, woman, boy or girl to be expansive (often to exaggerate experiences and feelings, but seldom the facts) - to be brutally honest and extremely experimental, in all areas of life.  Jupiter's vibration also creates a great wanderlust in Sag, and blesses the Archers with occasional flashes of prophetic vision.  Symbolized by the Centaur, which is half horse, half man, the Archer has far more personal confidence and assurance than the Ram (never mind the Aries surface brashness) because Sag contains the total experience of both human and beast. 

Mars influences the Aries man, child, woman, boy or girl to be forceful and direct in all ways - to fiercely defend themselves against attack - and to be bravest in an emergency or a crisis.  Such defense from the vibration of Mars is necessary for the Aries person, because Aries is symbolized by the Infant, newborn, and like the human infant, Aries would, quite literally, die without affection and care,
unless Mars

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