always infallibly right.  Sagittarius argues because truth isn't being told, and if there's anything an Archer can't stand, is to hear truth distorted. 

The fable about the Emperor's new clothes is an excellent example.  There they were, all those brainwashed subjects, thousands of gullible people - standing in the ditches, and cheering their insane Emperor as he paraded by in his carriage - stark nude.  Because he was their leader, and could therefore do no wrong, they saw him draped in luxurious satins and velvets, sparkling with precious stones.  "See how beautiful the Emperors clothes are." 

There's no telling what might have happened to that mythical kingdom, if a small child (who could only have been a little Virgo girl with the Moon in Sag - or a young boy Archer with the Moon in Virgo) hadn't shot an arrow of truth into the crowd and called out (in modern idiom), "Hey!  Dig that!  The old dude is naked as a jay bird!"  I don't remember what happened in the child in the fable, but I hope the youngster wasn't picked up by the Emperor's guards for interrogation.  That would have been rough on the guards. 

Anyone who has a Sagittarian for a friend has submitted to a certain amount of verbal surgery.  This cheerful, friendly puppy dog, approaches you on the street, whacks you on the back and opens up with, "Well, hello there - how are you!  My gawd, it's good to see you again, but I almost didn't recognize you.  Boy, are you skinny!"  Then comes the usual Sagittarian apology for the rudeness, because these people are basically kind-hearted, and only the occasional, unevolved Archer would wound you deliberately.  "Oh no, I've done it again, haven't I?  Stuck my big foot in my mouth.  You're probably
sensitive about being skinny, right?" 

Or maybe this scene:  "How are things going, old chum?  Listen, I head you got fired because you've been hitting the bottle too much.  That's nothing to be ashamed of.  Look at President Andrew Johnson.  He was an alky, and they tried to fire him too.  Did you ever think of getting a job as a wine taster?  Now, there's a career where you could really go places!  Say, how about bringing that married woman you've been dating and dropping over to the house tonight?  Don't worry, I'll tell my wife to hide the liquor.  You know what St. Patrick said.  God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world!" 

Producer - TV personality David Susskind is a double Sagittarian.  (Sagittarius Sun Sign and Ascendant.)  Perhaps you caught his television show the night of the famous interview between 'friendly puppy dog' Susskind and the bombastic Russian Ram, Nikita Krushchev, which was running along quite nicely until David looked Premier Krushchev straight in the eye and shot out something life:  "Why is your country so deceptive, and why do your officials lie so much?"  How's that for warming up a cold war?  Zing!  Zowie!  As papers across the nation reported the following day, and even owners of black-and-white television sets could see, Aries Krushchev's face turned several shades of angry red, and his features strongly resembled a thundercloud about to explode into a storm. 

Aries normally admires and defends Sagittarian honesty, since Rams also pride themselves on telling the truth.  But they draw the line about hearing the truth about themselves.  That's a mark difference between Aries and Sag.  The Archer is nearly as blunt in making unflattering statements about himself - or herself - as in telling others their faults.  The Ram champions the truth only up to the point where it begins to sting, or come too close to home.  Aries people aren't notes for easily recognizing or accepting their shortcomings and flaws. 

Although most Sagittarian arrows are shot in good faith, with no real intent to be malicious, an occasional unevolved and unenlightened Centaur will blast a Ram with a cutting and cruel remark that bears no relation to truth, guided only by a desire to hurt.  (All traits of all twelve Sun Signs can be, at times, expressed through their negative polarity.)  While such a brutal Sag may get away with this sort of behaviour with

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