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From the book "Astrology for Lovers," written by Liz Green.

If he can't find a crisis, he'll make one.

Let's begin our description of Aries with a little scenario, which will illustrate some of the qualities of this first of the fiery signs.  The scenario might be entitled the Knight in Shining Armour Syndrome.  It can be found in both male and female Ariens - although in the case of Aries women, it might be subtitled the Joan of Arc syndrome. 

ARIES:  (to friend)  I notice you're smoking.  I suppose you realize that it would kill you?  Give you lung cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, emphysema…
FRIEND:  Thanks, I've read all the literature.  But I still think I prefer to smoke.  Now about those books you were talking about….
ARIES:  Wait a minute.  Have you really read the literature?  Look, I don't mean to sound pushy, but really, it's for your own good.  I mean, I'm really concerned about this smoking issue.  Every time I take a train or ride in a tube, and I see all these people smoking…I've started a group in my area called Death to Smoking committee.  We're doing a quiet little street demonstration in front of all the local tobacco shops.  I figure if we put enough pressure on maybe they'll get some sense in their heads. 
FRIEND:  (Lighting up a cigarette in annoyance)  Did it ever occur to you that people may like to choose whether they smoke or not?  We're adults, you know. 
ARIES:  But I know what's best for everybody.  You say you're adult, you can choose, but have you really read the literature? 

The subject might be smoking, or anything small or great which concerns the public weal.  Give him a mission, a cause, a battle in which he can trounce the enemy, an evil which he can challenge, and out comes that old suit of armour, kept clean and polished in case of emergency.  We don't know whether Joan of Arc was really an Aries or not.  The date of her birth is lost.  But her absolute conviction, her courage, her bravery, her fanaticism, her vision, her devotion to the cause of the French nation, and her defense of the underdog - an important point, that last one - make her pretty Arien.  You may notice the emphasis on championing the underdog.  Aries just doesn't feel really right unless there's an underdog to take care of.  If we ever really enter a truly utopian society, Aries will be in a sorry state, because he lives and breathes for the great battle.  And the great battle must have an ideal.  Remember that Aries is a fire sign, and all fire signs tend to mythologize life.  The ideal justifies the battle, brings out his courage, draws forth his genius at quick action.  And the ideal, ideally should be the protection or defence of the weak, the downtrodden, the abandoned.  Joan of Arc could hardly have become the mythological figure she did without having a poor neglected wreck of a disinherited king to defend.  That was what gave her cause pathos and meaning.  The restoration of the lost king to his kingdom, the return of justice.  Does it all sound a little fast and furious for ordinary life?  Never mind.  Aries doesn't really believe in ordinary life.  There may not be anymore lost kinds to restore to their kingdoms (although one never knows), but Aries can find a cause in social welfare, in any form of life or human expression which is overlooked, underestimated, or neglected, or hasn't a chance.  Aries





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