is synonymous with life. 

The Aries Lover

Aries in love is what you would, of course, expect.  Love is Courtly Love, and Knights in Shining Armour--don't love either meanly or half-heartedly.  Often, however, they love the shining ideal, rather than the actual princess who may be a little hot and uncomfortable sitting and watching that bloody joust set up in her honour. 

To Aries, half the joy of love is the pursuit.  It might be said that for many Ariens, love is the pursuit, rather than the arrival or the catch.  Have you ever looked at medieval tapestries of the hunt?  It's the hunt in every possible form--the horns, the dogs, the wonderful horses, the ladies in their towering headdresses…but never the catch.  What would be the point of a tapestry showing the catch?  How boring, how banal.  Once caught, it's eaten, or hung on the wall as a trophy.  The hunter is already, from the moment of success, contemplating the next hunt. 

Some Ariens follow this pattern very closely in their relationships.  This is why it's often a good idea to be a little reluctant in the face of the chivalrous Aries pursuit.  You must know how to play the game.  Courtly Love is a remarkable stylized ritual form of human relationship.  The handsome, young knight falls in love, always, with an Unobtainable Lady.  The obtainable ones are in his life, of course - they may be his wife.  But they don't really count.  It's what he can't have that he truly loves and adores.  He writes her poetry, paints her miniatures, sings her troubadour songs, disguises himself as a poor minstrel so that she can throw him a rose from her balcony.  He pines and mourns and watches the moon a lot, and spends lots of time wandering through forests in a kind of sad languorous melancholy.  He wears her colours at the joust, and offers his life to perform deeds of terrible danger on her behalf.  Eventually, it's hoped, the lady is won.  But you never hear about what happens afterward. 

It's not that Aries is incapable of either loyalty or fidelity or a constant relationship.  It's just that he tends to get a little fidgety if the relationship never changes or provides him with any challenge or conflict.  It may seem, knowing the Arien character, that this extremely masculine sign wants a passive, frail, submissive partner - of either sex.  Not true.  Those happen often enough, but they're practice runs.  Aries will stick when he's found a relationship he can't completely dominate.  So, submissive souls, take warning. 

Aries, like the other two fiery signs, Leo and Sagittarius, is a born romantic.  The more prosaic aspects of love don't really interest him, like grilling fish together over the fireplace.  Unless the fireplace happens to be a snowbound cottage in the Alps and the rescue team won't arrive for three days, or the fish has just been caught at enormous risk from a capsized yacht where you both had to swim like mad holding the fish between you to reach the shore.  As soon as things lapse into routine, Aries - male or female - starts to yawn.  Now it may seem an impossible task to always provide excitement and stimulus to an Aries mate.  It doesn't actually mean you have to provide the stimulus.  It does mean that you have to be careful not to try to tame the urge for excitement and change and challenge, physical or mental.  And it means having your own life and your own interests, so that he - or she - never feels you're totally and utterly a possession.  At that moment, the rot sets in. 

One way or another, you won't be bored.  Unless you have one of those completely repressed Ariens who have turned all their energy and dynamism inside against themselves.  Aries is never boring.  And even the injured, introverted Arien isn't; even his neurosis is interesting, if taxing.  If you want a stolid, placid, contented mate, stay away from Aries.  His business is not

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