If you're comfortable with yourself and don't need to prove the point, it can be amusing, charming, touching, endearing, and still annoying.  The trouble with being the object of Pygmalion's endeavours is that, while you retain the shape he's sculpted, he's fine; but if you develop any ornament or quality which wasn't in his design, he can be hurt and offended and, yes, threatened. 

The truth is that Aries is a very vulnerable sign when it comes to relationships with women.  There is an amusing film which Clint Eastwood starred in and directed called
Every Which Way But Loose.  The hero, like all Clint Eastwood heroes, is the original macho man - who is tough but sensitive, strong but poetic, able to beat all the bad guys but still capable of tenderness towards old ladies and pets and able to appreciate the scent of summer flowers.  He's completely duped and mashed about by a hooker disguised as damsel-in-distress.  She looks so frail, so needful, so injured, so abused.  She really wants a little money and then a quick farewell.  His look of baffled injury at the end of the film is a classic Arien look.  Yet it's his own lack of insight, and his blind persistence in taking the feminine at face value as an image rather than seeing and understanding the actual woman, that is responsible for the mess.  Because he's so vulnerable to Woman, he often has to be a little heavy-handed to women.  This is a paradox peculiar to the fiery signs, and in particular to Aries. 

On the other hand, the Aries man has one superb quality which should be emphasized again and again.  He loves change, and that includes changing himself.  Although capable of arrogance, petulance and downright bloody-mindedness, he's never complacent.  This means that, if he can understand that a relationship is a thing which grows and changes and needs insight and attention, he'll happily make that his cause.  And then you get all the benefit of the best side of the Knight in Shining Armour.  And they are, truly, sadly needed these days. 

The Aries Woman

It isn't the easiest thing in the world to be an Aries woman- in a world which burns Joan of Arc.  The attitude which prevailed in Joan's time is not over yet.  When you read the judgments and pronouncements of her contemporaries on her, you find an astonishing thing:  what really upset everybody about Joan wasn't her visions, her charisma, her wild myth, her drama, her strange capacity to predict victories.  It was her insistence on dressing in masculine garb.  Virtually every pronouncement against her mentions this, as the worst, the most unforgivable of her sins. 

The Aries woman, however feminine she is, however devoted a wife and mother, also needs a crusade.  She needs challenge too, and projects which stimulate and inspire her, and a cause to follow, and a goal to reach.  She also needs to feel she is doing something to promote change and progress, on however small a level.  Aries women are naturals for executive positions and positions of leadership, because their strength, courage, directness, and conviction give them both personal charisma and authority.  They are action people.  You can't expect them to sit quietly behind the typewriter, or in the kitchen baking bread twenty-four hours a day.  In a way, the world is only just becoming able to accommodate the clear fire of the Aries woman.  Traditional astrological interpretations in the past have emphasized her masculine qualities as though these took away from the essential femaleness. 

Aries is not, of course, the type of woman who fulfills the fantasies of the lovers of geisha girls in paradise.  She is not likely to be pliable, submissive, and an empty vessel into which a man can project all his fantasies.  She is not likely to hero-worship or smile sweetly when her mate is behaving insufferably.  She's more likely to argue, shout, show a temper tantrum, storm out of the house, or place her own career first.  And quite rightly for her, for this is a spirited sign which has suffered from the weight of social conditioning placed

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