On the whole, the Ram and the Fish are nicely compatible, with neither overly desirous of interfering with the other's approach to life, but rather complementing it instead.  Yet there will be times when they experience some heated (Aries) or chilly (Pisces) encounters.  The forthright Ram has little patience for the sometimes slippery tactics of the elusive Fish. 

I know a Piscean in Colorado who pleasantly (Pisceans are nearly always pleasant) once remarked to me:  "Well, you know what I always say - promise anything and get out of it later.  That's my motto."  The Fish are uncommonly cheerful about confessing their flaws.  This method of backing away from a commitment quite naturally may create, on occasion, a barrier between Pisces, and the very direct, naively honest Rams, who will usually display undisguised resentment when the Fish swim away alone now and then, to exchange whispered secrets with the ocean - or who may feel hurt and neglected if the Pisceans should glide behind some cool seaweed to refresh their weary souls, without leaving behind a trail indicating where they may be found.  But no harm is meant by the kindly Fish.  Lacking the Ram's tough horns, and the Mars emotional, spiritual and mental stamina, it's the Neptune's soul only protection against an abrasive daily existence in this harsh world - the wear and tear of life's problems. 

The Piscean motto of 'promising anything, and get out of it later' may sound deceptive, yet it's a philosophy that keeps the Fish young and tranquil - and off the psychiatrist's couch.  It also allows Pisceans to conserve their energy, thereby enabling them to remain composed enough to listen to everybody else's troubles for hours on end.  Nevertheless, to the Rams, sneaky is sneaky. 

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