Pisces is a Water Sign.  There's a marked difference between Aries aggressiveness and Pisces accommodation, and just to be sure I've made that difference clear, here's another example.  A Ram has just walked up to the counter and ordered a pizza, to take out. 

Clerk:  Okay.  One pizza to go, coming up!  How do you want it, with mushrooms or green peppers?
Ram:  Neither, I want black olives and onions.  And see that you don't burn it like you did the last time I was here. 

Now a fish has walked up to the counter, to order a pizza, to take out. 

Clerk:  Okay.  One pizza to go coming up!  How do you want it, with mushrooms or green peppers?
Fish:  Well, let's see - what do most of your customers order?
Clerk:  We sell a lot of mushrooms. 
Fish:  Mushrooms.  I'll take mine with mushrooms. 
Clerk:  Of course, personally, I prefer green peppers.
Fish:  Oh.  Well… uh, could you change that, please, to one pizza to go, with green peppers?
Clerk:  Sure, but look, now - why don't you just order it the way you want?  Don't let me influence you. 
Fish:  Well, could I have two pizzas, then - one with mushrooms and one with peppers? 

You can see that Pisces is accommodating.  What you may not see, however, is the multiple motivation behind it.  The kind-hearted fish really do like to please people, when they can.  Every Piscean dreads the embarrassment of outright confrontation, and they dislike attention focused on themselves.  But there's also a more subtle reason why Pisceans are reluctant to commit themselves to a personal opinion:  they're always on the alert for snoopers because they have an absolute horror of 'Big Brother.'  At an airport, a stranger passing by, carrying monogrammed luggage with the initials CIA or FBI, can catapult the typical Fish into a nervous panic.  Try to convince a Pisces that those letters stand for Charles Isidore Abernacky or Frederick Bruce Israel.  Go ahead, try.  What kind of Jewish mother would name her boy Frederick Bruce?  Someday, make a list of all your Pisces friends who have un-listed phone numbers.  It will be interesting. 

When a Ram meets a Fish, it seems that here is a sweet, mild, gentle soul the Aries person can push around more or less as he (or she) pleases.  I'm sorry to say that this is what the fiery Aries often tries to do with the watery Piscean.  But the Ram should study the natural sciences - and the Bible. 

From the natural sciences, he'll learn all about the elements of earth, air, fire, and water - and that water can be dangerous to fire.  Flip the flame on a lighter as high as you like, then dip it into a glass of water.  Sputter… pssttt… and out.  Although water may seem to be the weakest of the elements, it's actually the strongest.  A few drops of water dripping steadily on a rock for a long enough period of time will wear the rock away into fine sand.  I know an Aries landlord who impulsively raised the rent on the New Jersey apartment of a Pisces lady named Marion.  She accepted the news from him sweetly, with gentle feminine submission.  However, the Arien landlord has spent the last eight months in and out of the courtroom.  She sends him little notes about the leaky plumbing and such (one drop at a time, you see), and he still hasn't been able to hike the rent by so much as one dollar.  Before it's over he'll probably lower it. 

The secret of the great strength of water is its non-resistance.  Water does not
resist.  Toss a pebble into the river, and what happens?  Water doesn't resist the object penetrating its calm.  Old Man River just opens up, swallows the pebble, covers it over -

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