and keeps moving right along.  The Nazarene relates the strength of Water's powerful passivity to the human personality.  "Resist ye not evil," counseled Jesus, whose birth, by the way, ushered in the Age of Pisces, nearly two thousand years ago. 

The Fish are influenced by the mysterious, infinite wisdom of Neptune, and so they seldom resist the more aggressive Rams, who are driven by the fiery force of the red planet, Mars.  Often, Aries people find that  Pisceans have a restful, cooling effect on their flaming frustrations.  An association between them is usually beneficial to both.  Each Sun Sign carries, within karmic memory, the seeds of experiences gained from the Sun Sign immediately behind it on the astrological wheel of life - and conversely, there are many lessons to be learned from the character and qualities of the Sun Sign immediately following one's own. 

This is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, meaning Aries represents the second astrological house to Pisces, and Pisces represents the twelfth astrological house to Aries.  Translated, Aries will always, in one way or another, symbolize money to Pisces, whether in a negative or positive sense.  In some manner, money will be a vital consideration, and a frequent topic of discussion between them. 

To the Rams, the Fish represent many secrets, which Pisces usually keeps and won't tell, causing Aries to be exceedingly annoyed.  If not that, then the two of them will spend much time discussion secrets - or the past sorrows of one or the other.  Sometimes, the secrecy syndrome is beneficial, but you can be sure, however it works out, that both money and secrecy will form the foundation, in a variety of ways, of any association between the Ram and the Fish, whether they're involved as friends, business associates, relatives, lovers or mates.  'Secrets' may include all matters of the occult, the esoteric or the metaphysical, such as astrology, hypnotism, astral travel, telepathy and the life.  Sooner or later, these matters will prove to be of mutual interest to any Aries-Pisces combination, whatever the sex, age or relationship of the two of them, as with all 2-12 Sun Sign Patterns. 

Since Pisces lies behind Aries on the karmic wheel, The Ram feels an instinctive tolerance for the foibles of the Fish, somehow understanding the Piscean behaviour, even though it differs so vastly for his (or her) own.  Each Aries person has spiritually experienced the passivity and submission of the Pisces nature, which is why Aries, in the present incarnation, leans so hard toward the extreme opposite of Piscean humility - ego.  With all their brashness, Rams reveal their karmic soul memory of the Piscean experience through their hidden vulnerability to hurt, and the quickness with which Arien compassion and generosity can be aroused. 

The Rams, however, aren't about to chance any masochism (openly, at least) in this lifetime.  One might say that Aries comprehends and appreciates the Pisces attitude without envy, and without condemning it.  They've already received their report cards in the Piscean spiritual school, thank you, and they prefer not to return.  They didn't like the teacher (Neptune) all that much.  And so it goes with all the Sun Signs, around and around the birth wheel - again and again - until all the necessary lessons are learned, and the soul can graduate from the earth-flesh level of awareness and existence, into a higher and more individual awareness. 

Due to this 2-12 influence, the Fish will never fail to in some way look up to Aries as having something important to teach them, and unlike most Sun Signs, in relation to the sign ahead of them, Pisces is usually placidly willing to imitate, and to learn from the Rams.  (Water is not only the strongest and most powerful of the four elements - Water is also wisest - which is
why it's strongest.) 

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