anyone, including those who are clearly stronger than they are, and certainly not by each other.  (A typical Aries person would literally stand before a criminal who pointed a loaded gun in his - or her - direction, and fearlessly talk back.)  Rams expect their own wishes to be granted, their own orders obeyed without question, as quickly as possible (unless there's a softening influence of several Pisces or Libra planets in the horoscope).  It's the instinctive Mars urge to rebel.  The drive to initiate and to lead is so strong in some Mars-ruled men, women and children that even friendly suggestion is sometimes construed as unbearable interference, let alone the forceful commands of a relative, neighbour, friend, business associate, mate or lover born under the same, unconsciously demanding Sun Sign. 

If one of the two Aries people is stronger by planetary positions at birth (not wiser and more patient, which would be beneficial, but
stronger), the result of he association could be that the 'weaker' Ram gradually turns into a neurotic Sheep, constantly and pathetically almost apologizing for his (or her) very existence - or else rationalizing every word and action, for fear of offending or being misunderstood.  Such a situation is very sad, for to see the proud strength of a spirited astrological 'animal' like the Ram reduced to weakness and tears, constantly attempting to placate the more domineering personality, yet inwardly frustrated and emotionally restricted, is against the first law of astrology:  Be true to your own Sun Sign essence, or be prepared to lose the powerful individual potential of your own birthright. 

It's never easy for two Rams to exist in tranquil harmony (although it can be undeniably exciting!).  One happy probability is that both of them will usually be inclined to forgive and forget everything but the most cruel encounters.  As for the latter, a powerful effort should be made to avoid them, because they'll be long remembered by Aries… for the very same reason that infants, who instantly forget, with a trusting smile the more commonplace hurts and pains - will recall, with subconscious terror, the deeper experiences of traumatic rejection… sometimes forever. 

Two Rams will have to try to control their tendency to lash out at one another while their tempers are still hot.  They'll strike a blow, shortly afterward feel a surge of guilt over their hasty unkindness, then impulsively attempt to make up for their anger by showering each other with an outburst of affection, or the peace offering of an extravagant gift.  Gifts, by the way, are a Ram's way of saying 'I'm sorry'.  But never is an Aries gift given for the purpose of 'buying friendship'.  The Mars-ruled are contemptuous of getting what they want by buying it (if they're accustomed to demanding it).  So they fiercely resent, and are also very deeply hurt by, such untrue insinuations or accusations.  Aries gifts are always from the heart, given in a straightforward and honest gesture of good will.  Nevertheless, their motives are often misunderstood by those too materialistically minded themselves to be able to comprehend giving without some ulterior motive (since that's their own pattern of behaviour, they believe everyone must be the same). 

Happily, this is another area of hurt two Rams probably won't inflict upon one another.  Each Aries person understands the gift-giving syndrome that's part of the Mars nature (matched only by the other two Fire Signs) and, therefore, both will usually give and receive joyously, back and forth.  A Ram is as delighted to receive a gift as to be able to give one.  It's part of the wisdom of Aries innocence to know that it's of equal importance to graciously receive as to generously give.  For if no one
received happily, there could be no happy giving.  Consequently, the typical Ram will react with the elation of a child to the receiving of a 'surprise present', and two Ariens can keep themselves broke (but exalted and happy) as a result of their mutual urge to express their enthusiasms through gifting. 

Down through the centuries, the Ram has been a symbol of sacrifice for spiritually blind, emotionally warped and mentally dense religious fanatics.  The Old Testament is packed with bloody examples of the 'burnt offerings' of these misguided 'holy men'.  In no way was the patriarch Abraham following 'God's' wishes or commands to be first

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