Mars supplies these people with all the courage they need, and an extra helping of it anytime they ask, even on very short notice.  Their dread of the dentist drill is an isolated hang-up, and mustn't be construed to mean that Rams are cowards.  They simply don't like anyone messing around with their heads.  That normally includes drugs.  It definitely includes eyes, ears, nose and mouth - also the brain - which means don't mess with their opinions either. 

Most Aries females, for instance, dislike going to beauty parlors.  Beauticians are so bossy, and they simply will not comb your hair the way you tell them, or part it where you order them to part it.  After all, it's not
their hair, it's your hair, but give them an inch, and they'll snip off four.  The Aries woman may impulsively, to her later regret, cut her own hair drastically too short, or crooked - but let someone else turn her into a shorn lamb, and she'll be furious.  As furious as she'd be with herself.  (Aries is not at all selective about anger.)  Girl Rams would rather go to the extra trouble of washing their hair at home than suffer a hair stylist who thinks he (or she) owns their heads.  The Aries sensitivity related to anything connected with the head area is really pronounced.  You'd be sensitive about your head, too, if you had a dozen or so scars scattered around on your head and face, you began collecting in childhood, from crashing into things (and people) head first. 

As for the 'extra trouble' of doing something themselves, that's no large thing.  Rams almost never mind going through 'extra trouble' for themselves or for others.  When it's for others, the extra trouble stems from the generous impulse of the Mars-ruled souls to give more than may be needed of their time, money, love, loyalty, and anything else.  When it comes to themselves, they tend to bring on the extra trouble by creating problems where none would exist if the situation were left alone.  'Leaving well enough alone' seems like silly advise to a Ram.  Why should anyone be satisfied with 'well enough'?  What kind of a goal is that when, with a little effort, well enough can be made better?  (Aries never theorizes that well enough might possibly made worse.) 

Unless one or both Rams have a Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer Moon Sign or Ascendant, it will probably be easy for them to borrow money from each other, and neither will be likely to create a fuss about being paid back promptly - which is another area of empathy between them.  These two are straightforward about everything, including money.  It never occurs to them to be deceptive.  Actually, they don't know how. 

Now and then, they may overestimate their ability to pay, or even forget a debt, because of being caught up in something new that's so exciting it consumes their entire attention, but they are not dishonest, and absolutely never sneaky.  Nothing both hurts and angers a Ram more than to be unjustly mistrusted or suspected.  It would mortify the typical Aries man or woman to let down anyone to whom either gave his word, and this includes creditors.  Aries may be either forgetful or delinquent, but eventually they'll pay everything they owe in full, often more than they owe - because Rams are not dutifully suspicious,
or cautious, about spending, so it's easy for them to be oversold or overcharged.  No matter.  The Mars idea about money is that when it disappears, more will soon manifest, in one way or another.  (Does the infant fret and worry about where the next dry diaper or bottle of milk will come from?  Certainly not.  It will magically appear when needed.  Everybody knows that!)  Each Aries person in this 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern association will be touchingly grateful for the trust of the other.  Not only will two Rams usually instinctively trust one another, they won't take advantage of one another, and considering the way the rest of the world usually treats both of them, this can be a warm and wonderful feeling. 

It's all a merry-go-round of happiness between Aries and Aries in the beginning, but after the pink cotton candy melts, there may be moments of disillusion.  You know what happens when Fire meets Fire?  Higher and hotter flames.  That should indicate the possible ramifications of an association between two wild and woolly Rams, whether it's business, romantic, friendly or otherwise.  It could be otherwise, if they insist on butting away at the impossible task of trying to break each other's

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