willing to murder his own son to please the Almighty, and then to 'hear' God's voice grant a last minute reprieve, commanding him to murder a helpless Sheep in his place.  Abraham, sadly, heard only the voice of his own delusions, not the voice of God.  Neither of our infinitely compassionate and wise co-Creators would be so sadistic as to command the murder of children, or of the lowliest of our animal brothers and sisters, for Their own great glory, as a senseless test of faith and obedience.  The Earth sorely needed the example set by the gentle Nazarene, Jesus, who used the Sheep in parable after parable illustrating love and kindness, who is often pictured embracing the 'lamb' and who brought to the world the image of the Good Shepherd, in his effort to straighten out the kinks in the twisted thinking of these 'servants of God', who were, through their cruel sacrifices of animals, unknowingly serving Satan, for all their otherwise pious and humble attitudes. 

In such mythical legends as Jason and the Golden Fleece, the sad fate of the Ram has been repeated, all through mythology, as well as in biblical history.  The unfortunate Ram who attempted to cross dangerous seas and rescue a brother and sister from the jealous act of a stepmother, in a great act of courage, was unable to save the sister from drowning.  When he reached the shore, and delivered the brother safely, his thanks was to be murdered, for allowing the other one to die, even though he had tried desperately to save her. 

Such is the symbolic fate, in varying degrees, in all kinds of endeavours, of many Aries people.  For all their enthusiastic efforts and the sincerity of their impulses, human Rams frequently are either ignored or despised for their trouble by the very ones they have tried to help.  The Arien simplicity of purpose and direct approached isn't always welcomed by the more cynical of this world.  Ram, Thomas Jefferson, discovered this, as did modern day Arien politician Eugene McCarthy.  Ram, Nikita Krushchev's personal motives were also, to a large extent, misunderstood and unappreciated both by his own people and Americans. 

And so, the teaming up of two Ariens can be beneficial, inasmuch as they're able to help each other avoid becoming a 'burnt offering', or being sacrificed to the calculated maneuvers of the more worldly wise who would 'fleece' them.  They provide each other with protection against those who would otherwise take advantage of their altruistic instincts.  There are always bullies who wait for a chance to attack the defenseless.  Admittedly, it's difficult to imagine the feisty, fiery and normally outspoken rams as 'defenseless'.  But in the final analysis, they are extremely vulnerable to those who would use their natural guilelessness and lack of sophistication against them. 

In any association between two Aries people, within the family circle, in the office or across the bridge of love and friendship, one thing is certain:  emotions will periodically run high, and close to the surface.  Catullus described perfectly the attitude of this Sun Sign to its own emotional immaturity, when he wrote: 
I hate and I love.  You may ask why I do so.  I do not know.  But I feel it, and am in torment

Between two Rams, there will seldom be any deception, pretense or hypocrisy, but neither will there be a great deal of caution, reason or practicality.  There's very little that will be neutral in this 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern vibration of the double Aries involvement.  These two are capable of reaching the far heavens of happiness, or of consuming themselves in childish displays of rage, resentment and thoughtless selfishness.  Yet they will never fail to understand and sympathize with each other's bright red, diamond-dusted dreams that didn't quite make it, for one reason or another.  Perhaps together, they can both try again.  And somehow, someway, someday… they'll win.  Tough dreamers always do. 

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