lives of both. 

An Aquarian blessed with an Aries friend who stands by him (or her) through long months of trouble or illness (either personal or in the family), when no one else cares or helps… may wonder, "Why did she (or he) do it?"  The Ram is simply repaying a favour from a long ago Lifetime (buried in the subconscious) of similar help received.  Perhaps in the process, the Ram receives an enlightenment, starting the Aries person on the road to a future career, or some unexpected goal or dream that wouldn't have been revealed in any other way, save through the circumstances of the Ram's offering help to the Aquarian.  In reversing the signs, the same situation may develop, with many variations on the theme. 

Another Aquarian handles the business affairs of an Aries, keeping the Ram out of trouble with taxes and creditors, smoothing out financial wrinkles, and arranging miraculous loans under impossible conditions - unconsciously motivated by the soul memory of monetary assistance received from Aries in another time, another place - and a karmic debt is repaid.  An Aries man has a close male friend whose Aquarian wife frowns on the friendship.  She is illogically suspicious of the Ram, and he, in turn, feels an inexplicable tension when she enters the room.  It could result in the Ram breaking up his friend's marriage to the Aquarian - or with the Aquarian wife preventing the Aries from continuing a valued friendship with her husband.  How it ends depends upon the degree of evolvement of the Ram and the Water Bearer at the time of the situation.  Karma is complicated. 

The good or evil these two Sun Signs (or any two Signs influenced by the 3-11 vibration) bring to each other is seldom minor.  The contact is not casual, and they have little conscious control over its outcome.  Yet, if Aries and Aquarius will meditate on the laws of Karma, or reincarnation, they'll understand why one of them is so willing to aid the other, and learn to accept the favour gracefully.  Or, they'll comprehend the reverse situation - why the two of them continue to senselessly hurt one another - and through understanding, be able to end the karmic pattern by the simple Karma-canceling act of forgiving and forgetting.  Otherwise, they're only stacking up additional obligations for future lives, wherein their two souls will be chained together, in an endless succession of close relationships, through the inevitable law of magnetic attraction and repulsion, action and reaction. 

Aquarius is one of the four 'human signs' in the astrological circle; the other three being Gemini, Virgo and Libra (unless one counts the Centaur - half horse, half human Sag).  Consequently, Aquarian passions are more controlled than those of the Rams, whose instinctive loves and hates often cause them to act form sheer animal urge, or personal gratification of the ego.  The Uranus-ruled Aquarians more often flee from instinctive action into the realms of the higher mind - and the domain of pure intuition.  This gives the Water Bearer an uncanny psychic or intuitive ability. 

Sometimes Rams will also appear to be psychic, but they're really not, in the true sense of the word.  It's only because they plunge straight into the heart of the situation, and the penetrating action of their ruling planet, Mars, gives them the correct answer.  Aries goes directly and immediately to the
core of the problem, using neither logic nor rational reasoning, simply being obsessed with an overwhelming need to leap in and get to the bottom of the thing.  The swifter, more intricate flashes of Aquarians emanate from the electro-magnetic wave lengths they're tuned into under the influence of their ruling planter, Uranus - which symbolizes electricity, among other things… and lightning, too.  The Water Bearers merely grab an impression out of the air, or absorb it through some sort of electrical osmosis, without expending a tenth of the energy put forth by Aries to reach the same conclusions. 

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