Aries and Aquarius are essentially compatible.  There's an almost visible cord of understanding running between them, so that even when they strongly disagree, it's always possible to replace tension with harmony anytime they choose to do so.  It's the natural sympathy between Fire and Air, and it's something else.  It's the normally easy (barring unusual planetary afflictions between the horoscopes), effortless possibilities of communication open to all 3-11 Sun Sign Patterns, on all channels.  The third astrological house symbolizes communication of all kinds - visual, through the printed word - and also through the spoken word, including minds speaking to minds, hearts speaking to hearts. 

Rams are frequently accused of being naïve, impractical dreamers.  Aquarians are frequently accused of being just plain crazy.  That's another reason why these two usually get along so well.  They both feel misunderstood by the world and everyone in it.  They also both feel they're on the right track, separately or in unison, and it's the rest of the world that's out of step and off-centre.  Naturally, this draws them together - for mutual comfort and mutual protection against the establishment.  The Rams are reckless, the Water Bearers are pixilated - but they manage to spin these qualities into complicated webs of leprechauns, miracles, rainbows, and assorted magics, creating dirigibles of dreams which, surprisingly enough to more sensible souls, take off into the blue skies of some wildly successful personal and business ventures. 

The Aquarian, Uranus-inspired tolerance insulates most Water Bearers against the shock of the sudden whims and highly original, creative urges of Aries.  There will be times when the Rams believe Aquarius doesn't quite have it together, and when Aquarius will despair about being able to cope with the hot temper flashes of Mars.  Yet generally, these two should enjoy a mad, fabulous, and unique association.  Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, and so, on occasion, the Water Bearers can be more than a little stubborn.  But the stubbornness won't work with Aries.  Only love and kindness.  Great gobs of it. 

The Water Bearers may attempt to enlighten the Rams with their theories about submerging the ego, claiming this brings peace and happiness.  But to Aries, submerging the ego is scary, quite like being swallowed in a dark tunnel.  "Where does that leave
me?  Where will I be, the Me-of-Me… in some kind of eternal void?" the Ram wonders.  Ariens are never strong on the yoga state of Nirvana.  To become unconscious of yourself - that's ecstasy?  In this instinct, Aries is intuitively right. 

The concepts of Aquarius are light-years ahead of their time, for the most part, yet no more infallible or immune from misjudgment than the ideas of Aries - although the Uranian wisdom will be poured out from the little brown jug of Aquarius anyway, solicited or not.  "All human troubles stem from an overemphasis on the emotions and an exaggeration of personal feeling," claims Aquarius. 

"People who deny their emotions and bury their personal feelings are cold and heartless, lacking all enlightenment and perception," retorts Aries.  So - where do they go from such a dead-end street?  Back to their leprechauns, miracles, rainbows… and dirigibles of dreams. 

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