Deceptiveness is as well.  But it isn't the calculated statesmanship of the Capricorn, or the deliberate secretiveness of the Scorpio, or the mental gymnastics of the Gemini.  When you see thirty different things, how can you explain one?  Especially when the chances are that the other person can't even comprehend what it's like to see thirty?  And ambivalent emotion - well, that's equally difficult.  How to explain when you love and hate someone, when they're ugly and beautiful, when everything shifts and changes, and takes new shape faster than you can say chameleon?  For all these reasons and more, Pisces is an elusive partner.  You take the feelings as they come, and let them go as they go.  Attempting to define and freeze them into structures is a futile exercise.  Many people are badly hurt by Pisces, not because the sign is cold and unfeeling, but because the other person expects a conventional linear expression of love, like 'I love you, I always will, and that's it', when a phrase like that is downright ridiculous to the Piscean who knows that love is a very varied state, that it has many meanings all of which change all the time, that everything is relative, that you can't plan the future, etc. etc.

But if you know enough of the world and yourself to allow for motion rather than stasis, basking in the flow of a Pisceans' feelings can be the most healing and regenerative relationship you'll ever have.  The trick, perhaps, is not to ever trample on his dreams, nor ever think you understand him completely.  Just when you do, he'll change on you.  If you dislike change, pick a Taurus or a Leo.  But if you like unexplored regions, and unclimbed mountains, and futures that are shrouded in mist and beckon, and magic castles and unexplored treasures, then don't fear Pisces.  Only don't think you've got only one person.  You've got everybody.  A cast of thousands.  What better way is there to learn about life?

The Pisces Man

You may have observed that Pisces is a strongly feminine sign.  Feminine, that is, in terms of its feeling bias, its imagination, its softness, its compassion.  Many Pisces men are extremely masculine, and perfectly capable of what Jung calls, 'Knowing what you want and doing what you have to do to get it'.  But all in all, the combination of being a man and being a Pisces is a slightly uneasy one.  Largely, once again, because of collective pressures and social expectations.

There are a great many turntypes among Pisces men.  They compensate in a thousand ways for being Pisceans.  Some of them run in terror from the depths of their underwater visions, into an extreme and brittle kind of rationality which calls for statistics, definitions and proofs.  They are the dogmatic material scientists, attempting to stamp out in others what they fear in themselves.  They have no tolerance for what they call 'emotionality', and cannot abide moodiness in others because their own threatens to overwhelm them.

But if a Pisces man has the courage to face his own vulnerability, and to see that it can live happily side by side with his manhood, then you have a rare creature.  And he's able to maintain his manhood without disappearing underwater into the realm of escape, that is.  This is the hero of so many books and films, the antihero, the gentle fighter, the sensitive lover.  It's perhaps closer to our modern myth of man than any other, since it's a peculiar marriage of male and female.  The Pisces man who has accomplished this has a rare charisma, a drama about him that makes him endlessly fascinating both to men and women alike.

Sadly, many more Pisces men hit the extremes.  We've mentioned the rationalist, the Pisces who hates being a Pisces and wants desperately to protect his own sensitivity.  The opposite kind is also common enough.  He's the fellow who loves strong women, especially women who can support him financially; who can take care of him while he's writing the eternal half-finished novel, while he's contemplating the job he'll never take.  He's the passive victim, abused and betrayed by a cold, brutal wife, looking for pity and sympathy and playing for all its worth to the maternal instinct of some poor foolish woman who thinks all

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