Everything to excess.  It's because he doesn't really understand how to discriminate, how to limit, how to choose.  If you have ever kept a tank of tropical fish, you will know that you cannot  just leave a week's worth of food and go away on holiday.  A fish will simply eat and eat what's in front of him until he kills himself.  There's no sense of moderation in Pisces.  How could there be?  He's a creature from another world, unsure of and unused to the laws by which the clear, cold world of matter and facts operates.

What he has to compensate for this rather disturbing failing is a boundless imagination.  For here too, the Pisces has no limits.  He can envision anything.  Einstein was a Pisces, and a good example of where a brilliant intellect can go when it is not hidebound by conventions and dogmas.  Many great musicians and painters have been Pisceans; their imagination know no bounds.  Anything is possible.  Pisces holds the secret to the source of life, the realm of dreams and fantasies.  Psychology calls this the unconscious.  Pisces has a key to this world - one given him at birth, as a gift.  He can come and go as he pleases.  The trouble is, he often finds it difficult to come back.

Pisces has a real problem coping with reality.  That is, with the one bound by time and space and structure and facts.  Although his intuition may be lightning-quick, and his intellect brilliant, he will often overlook something simple, like the electricity bill.  Pisces has a bad reputation with money.  It's not that he is 'impractical' in the ordinary sense.  He may even display bouts of meanness, and have some pretty shrewd, canny ideas about how money might be made.  It's more that he can't - and won't - bear limitations.  The whole concept of being limited by time, space, and other people is intensely irritating to Pisces.  His mind is on larger things.

This can be infuriating to more earthy types, or airy types who like everything planned, structured, and explained.  Although Pisces, as a water sign, often finds himself in relationships with the air signs, they see reality in very different ways.  For Pisces, these things are not important.  He would rather decide on the spur of the moment to take a quick plane to Tahiti, or to suddenly buy a Porsche, than he would plan six months in advance a package Thompson holiday and a good, sensible Mini which uses less petrol and a smaller insurance premium.  All this has led to Pisces being called childishly irresponsible.  This is rather unfair.  He's responsible enough with the things he cares about.  It's just that his conception of what's real may differ from that of other people's.  Quite radically.

Pisces is also an incurable romantic.  He may have many defences to hide this innate tendency, but romantic he was born and romantic he will die.  And romance doesn't just mean about love affairs.  It means about everything.  The house he lives in must be a castle, with moat and drawbridge; the car must be exotic, the bed revolving with platforms and coloured lights….well, you get the idea.  He lives in his imagination.  In his imagination, everything is not only like a set piece out of
Star Wars, but it also changes constantly.  Pisces gets bored more easily than any other sign.  The constantly changing landscape of the depths is not easily replaced by the unchanging banality of life on dry land.  Pisces needs a little theatre in his life.  If you can't provide it, he'll create it.  Often to his own destruction.  But that too has a dramatic ring.

If you like safe, solid people who always mean what they say and also mean it next week and the week after, stay away from Pisces.  The only thing which is truly consistent about him is his love for, and longing for, change.  That and the closeness he has to the world of dreams, which is far more important to him than the 'realities' of the welfare state where food, shelter and free medical care plus a visit to the local every two nights means happiness.  Not for Pisces.  Give him hyacinths for the soul anytime.  He is remarkably adaptable, and can manage in a garret; but garrets are romantic.  Council estates aren't.

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