The Pisces Lover

You might expect that all the qualities we have mentioned about Pisces would be in abundant display in his love-life, for Pisces is usually in love.  If not with a human being, then with a cause, or with God, but he is usually in love.  It is in his nature to give, and since this is a water sign, a sign of feeling, it is impossible for Pisces to conceive of a life alone - unless it is a kind of aloneness which the monk or the nun elects in exchange for union of a different kind.

You may see the sensitivity, the gentleness, the tendency to devotedness in abundance.  You may also see the overcompensation of many Pisceans to their own need for people, exhibited in coolness and a deliberately forced detachment.  You may see the Piscean tendency always to put the other person's wishes first, and to blossom under any show of affection or tenderness.  Or you may see the shadow side take over, where the partner must always be in the position of the servant catering to the lord's whims.  Either way, the root is the same.  If Pisces can trust, he will give everything.  Not necessarily tomorrow, or next year.  Fidelity and structure are not part of his nature.  But today, now, in this moment.  And if you string together a long string of moments, you may discover that it's been a lifetime.

One of the more disturbing qualities about Pisces is that he is so ready to enter into a relationship with just about anybody on a certain superficial level that people misunderstand his motives.  He's not really coming on; he's listening with sympathy.  He's also easily seduced, not necessarily only literally.  You can't cage Pisces; his extroverted side flows out easily to other people that you may as well get used to it.  But this is, remember, a wise soul.  He sees through people very quickly.  And although he's led often one way or the next out of sympathy or flattery or a stronger personality, he has the capacity to recognize what's really of value to him.

This is not likely to be a lover who only notices one man, or one woman.  That's impossible for Pisces; he's not only interested in everybody, he's often attracted to everybody.  His morals are his own; better find out what they are first, so you aren't surprised later.  Don't take him for granted.  But the curious detachment in this sign is in evidence even in this highly fraught situations, when he says it meant nothing, and it would be better if it meant nothing to you too.  If you're the really possessive type, you're in a little trouble.  He may be technically faithful; his imagination certainly isn't, and never will be.  Not likely that he'll be either.  But it depends upon whether you value technical fidelity, or a depth of understanding and tacit communion which no other sign can offer.

There is also a quality in Pisces, like Virgo - the opposite sign - which is essentially untouched and unpossessable, no matter how formal the contact is, no matter how long you've known him.  Some part of Pisces will always belong to the cosmos, to his own inner self, and not to you.  Unlike the simpler signs such as Aries or Taurus, Pisces is simply not capable of saying, 'Here I am, a simple soul at heart.  I'm yours.'  He may give you forty-five of the sixty-eight selves he's discovered that week.  Don't expect all of them.  There will be dreams, visions, that he can never communicate.  If you keep asking a Pisces what he's thinking about every time he gets that vague, dreamy look in his eye, you'll drive him and yourself crazy, and never get any satisfactory answers.  The real truth is that he probably doesn't know; he just went off, and if left alone, will undoubtedly come back again.  Many of Pisces' ways of communicating are nonverbal; it's not a sign that excels in debate and defence.  Many Pisceans are completely inept at explaining themselves or their feelings.  They rely on touch, atmosphere, a subtle communion that is almost telepathic.  Try to force them into rigid explanations and definitions and it's like holding a handful of water; it slides through your fingers and it's gone.

Evasiveness is a word often used to describe Pisces. 

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