chest or muscular arms or cute little paunch while he is desperately trying to conjure the atmosphere of Mata Hari meeting Clint Eastwood in a '30s club in Berlin by candlelight with Marlene Dietrich singing Gestapo songs in the background. 

The matter-of-fact approach of earth to sexuality is likely to make our fiery type a little uncomfortable.  He may feel as though he (or she) is obliged to 'perform successfully', which is a disastrous expectation.  In fact, expecting any kind of earthy performance, sexual or otherwise, from fire is likely to lead to disaster.  Unless their fantasy is with them, fire signs often go impotent or frigid.  This stems from the complexity of fire's approach to their senses.  But the fire sign who 'fails' is liable to blame his partner, since it is very uncomfortable to blame oneself.  And the blame may be one of several types. 

There is the 'I simply can't perform like a machine every second Thursday', variety.  (Subsidiary subplots run to:  'Not tonight, dear.  I have a headache' or 'I had a long day at the office etc.')  There is the 'Our sex life has become boring, there's something missing from it' variety.  (Subplot involves either the 'together couple' who explore silk undies/strip clubs together, or the less together couple who try to replace those elusive fantastic possibilities with 'open' marriage, wife-swapping, lovers, etc.)  Fire, like blondes, has more fun?  Don't kid yourself.  It's no fun having to prove yourself constantly by playing Don Juan or Donna Juana to every available contestant just to make sure you're actually a member of the human race. 

Over-compensation, that most common of human traits, often surfaces in the fire signs either in attempts to prove sexual prowess or attempts to prove material prowess.  (Even athletic prowess.)  The difference between the fiery sports champion and the earthy one, though they may seem, to the casual observer, to be the same, is that the earthy gymnast - sexual or otherwise - enjoys the sensations, and does it because it feels good; the fiery gymnast aims to win, because the act is not nearly so interesting as the anticipations and the recollection. 

Romantic liaisons, for the fire signs, often begin as a fairy tale and end as a cage.  No fun at all, since this propensity for unreliability in relationships leads to tremendous loneliness and a big fat sense of failure.  And to complicate things, fire sign people often find it hard to articulate their needs - partly because fantasies are hard to put into words and partly because, even if they could be, more stolid types have a habit of stomping all over them.  As Mick Jagger sings, 'What can a poor boy do except join a rock-and-roll band? 

Fire signs are very prone to violent physical passions, which they call love.  This unfortunate scenario usually ends with the sad revelation that all cats are grey at night.  They can become cynical and brutal, masking their tremendous romanticism and idealism; always seeking restlessly for that spiritual soul-mate who will secretly understand the fears that drive them without demanding that they explain themselves, who can fan their little hearth fire into a mighty creative conflagration; who will contain them without imprisoning them.  Are there such people?  Not likely.  Only in fantasy, since any red-blooded partner, whatever the astrological element, cannot always provide a new scenario every night.  Sooner or later the fire signs must learn to balance their vision with a little realism and a little appreciation of the things of the earth.  The present can be just as interesting as the past and the future.  Facts can be just as exciting as possibilities.  But balancing is
not the same as changing.  Anybody who thinks they can tame fire into a meek domestic creature is liable to get badly burned. 

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