tucked away in he cupboard and the brutal truth about Santa Claus was made known.  Look into the secret reality of the fire signs and you are in a world of pure romance, pure myth.  Fire signs need to mythologize everything:  other people, professions, situations, themselves.  For fire, all the world's a stage, and no one plays the part with such panache

You may have met that common-fire sign propensity to make vast Himalayan peaks out of perfectly ordinary molehills.  It wasn't just a little disagreement, it was a Holocaust.  It wasn't a nice film, it was Wonderful, Brilliant, Mind-Shattering.  The overwhelming and contagious enthusiasm of the fire signs is hard to resist; so, too, is their anger.  Fire signs often exaggerate their behaviour, dramatize it - even when they are alone.  They aren't just spoiled brats trying to attract your attention.  They need this fantasizing, this injection of brilliant colour and sound into the grey and banal fabric of what the world is constantly insisting is reality.  Fire is not interested in the pragmatic approach to life.  Take away a fire sign's fantasies and visions of how life might be, and you have crippled them.  It is, truly, that serious.  If there's one thing sacred to the fire signs, it is their dreams. 

You may find the fiery types somewhat egocentric and insensitive.  In some respects, they are - as regards the details of earthly reality.  But it isn't really insensitivity.  It's just that forcing a fire sign to focus his broad and all-encompassing vision on something so temporal and boring as a fact is positively threatening to him.  If he stares at a detail for too long he feels that he might miss something.  Fiery people like to get the gist of the picture without getting trapped in it for too long, so that they can take their sensitive, colourful impressions and place them in context with all those other impressions they're collecting about life.  This is why so many fire signs are ardent and restless travelers.  They like to get a taste of the world, of life, of current events, of cultures, of people. 

The future is the most fascinating thing on earth to a fire sign.  The past is a novel someone else wrote, the present relevant only as a potential doorway into a whole network of possible futures.  When confronted with the incessant and monotonous demands of the material world, the fiery type may often drop the situation like the proverbial hot potato and move elsewhere.  This has earned them the accusation of irresponsibility or callousness.  Not so.  It's just that they cannot bear to be imprisoned. 

A few more significant comments about the fire signs, before we look at them individually.  It is best that you get a clear picture of the type, for they are less likely than their earth, water or air relatives to be able to explain themselves to you.  After all, knights on white horses never have to offer explanations in the fairy tales. 

There is that wonderful gift that some fiery people have for the magic 'hunch'.  Have you ever watched a fire sign assess a situation?  They will rarely analyse the components, or if they do, it will be in an afterword, to justify themselves to some pestering earth sign who doesn't believe in hunches.  But the fiery type seems to be able to get an instantaneous perception of all the undercurrents going on, and to come to a snap conclusion which just seems to 'happen' in their head.  They rarely know how or why.  They have an excellent nose, which often flies against the apparent facts of a situation, yet is unerringly accurate.  You might even call this mysterious sixth sense a little magical.  Actually what has happened is that they have used functions of the psyche other than the senses and the rational intellect to assess the situation.  What other function, you may well ask.  Why, any fire sign can tell you:  intuition. 

For these reasons fire signs appear to have a lot of luck.  They are the ones who win the races and the pools, invest in the one stock which climbs when the market is collapsing, set up a company to see a product which is suddenly needed in two year's time, peer into the smoky lens of the future and write books, make films, design fashions that are a prophecy rather than a reflection of now.  And what happens when it goes wrong and the business collapses, the market crashes, the deal doesn't come off?  Never mind.  Somehow, some way, a solution will appear.  There is an infuriatingly unquenchable trust in the future with

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