sparkling imagination, then frequently get caught up in the problems of others or mundane duties, and are forced to tuck their dreams away on a shelf, to gather dust and wait for some magical morning when there's suddenly the freedom to make them come true.  Strangely, at the crucial moment, Pisces tends to hesitate, unsure if the dreams are strong enough to provide protection on a journey into the unknown deep.  If the hesitation is prolonged, the opportunity for freedom drifts past, waves goodbye!… and disappears before the Fish makes a move.  The hen (or she) gets caught on the reefs of ordinary existence once again, and must wait for another glistening morning.  Sometimes it comes… sometimes it doesn't.  But Pisces never stops waiting and wishing. 

While the Fish is waiting, Life won't be dull.  There will always be the fascinating stories of the Crab to listen to, via letters and phone calls from out there where he (or she) is lost and homesick, lonely for the front porch swing.  Or from a more nearby Cancerian chum, friend or mate… who might just lure the Fish to dive into the next golden opportunity before it passes away, and not worry about the possibility that it might be a mirage.  Pisces will smile.  Because it is, after all, the Fish who first taught the Crab to stop worrying about tomorrow. 

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