disposed off and hopefully forgotten until the next time it requires his (or her) reluctant attention.  Neptune-ruled people are usually careless with cash, seldom frugal, and not intensely interested in amassing money on paper via bank accounts, to count and stash away, then re-count and stash away again, calculating annoying details like interest, profit and loss and such.  It's so uncreative, unimaginative and downright boring. 

Conversely, Crabs look upon financial matters with a great deal more reverence and respect than Pisces.  To a typical Cancerian, the jingle of coins is soothing music, the crackle of folding paper (or stock certificates) almost symphonic.  The Crabs understand very well all the complications of compound interest, and may try to pound these theories into the dreamy Piscean mind, with little success.  Caution and economy are Cancer's watchwords.  All Moon-ruled people possess a subconscious fear of poverty that creates some strange and funny habits in an occasional Crab. 

A Pisces man I know was christened Grover Cleveland (plus the family surname) after his Cancerian father, who passed away many years ago.  The Fish recalls vividly his boyhood shopping trips with his Cancer parent when the latter purchased his annual new outfit (every January, during the After Christmas Clearance Sales).  His Cancerian Dad always informed the mystified salesperson that he wanted his suit coat and trousers two full sizes larger than he actually wore.  The transaction was traditionally brief, since the Crab never failed to order the same style, colour and 100% wool material, year after year.  Dressed in his new threads, he walked out of the store with his son, happy as a cricket, draped in excess folds of cloth, his suspenders valiantly keeping his pants from falling down on the sidewalk, his suit coat more resembling a blanket thrown over his shoulders than an article of clothing, the bundle containing his treasured last year's outfit tucked securely and lovingly under his arm. 

One day little Grover gathered the courage to ask big Grover why he always bought his clothes two sizes larger than he needed, since he wasn't a 'growing boy,' but a man.  Father had a most logical and sensible (to a Crab) reason.  "You see son," he explained, quite seriously, "wool is very expensive, and that way I get much more material for the same amount of money."  The young Fish was silent, pondering the mystery.  (He's still pondering it.) 

If caution and economy are the watchwords for Cancer, casualness and generosity, sometimes extravagance, are the Neptune watchwords (except for whose occasional Fish whose horoscopes contain important planetary positions in Cancer, Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn).  The only kind of security that really catches the interest of the Fish is the security of personal privacy and the freedom to live without being disturbed - or disturbing others.  The Piscean 'live and let live' attitude is similar to that of Aquarius, maybe even more pronounced.  Most Fish wouldn't dream of telling another person how to live his (or her) life, but admittedly, some Pisceans are a bit curious about the personal lives of friends and relatives.  They won't probe or spy, but they do tend to be more than slightly interested in any errant leaves of gossip that might float by their ears. 

Cancerian men and women are more possessive and demanding, more inclined to try to mold other people into the shapes that please them.  Also, Crabs delight in prying secrets out of other people, while keeping their own double-locked against the curious.  Somehow or other, in subtle ways, they manage to learn what you're thinking, but when you try to find out what
they're really thinking, they retreat into their Crab shells, refusing to confess or admit whatever it is you're trying to pry out of them.  However, the Fish is more fortunate than other Sun Signs (with the exception of Scorpio) in uncovering the secrets of the girl and the boy Crabs.  That's because Pisces is such a comfortingly sympathetic listener.  In an association with Cancer, Neptune's compassionate ear will get quite a workout.  No one has as many nightmares, haunted memories of both beauty and sadness, fears, dreams and trembling hopes to pour out than a Cancerian.  There will be dialogues about the Cancerian's Mama

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