(whether she treated the Moon Child cruelly or kindly, whether she was a sinner or a saint), complaints that 'nobody understands me'… waterfalls of tears, ripples of giggles… Looney Bird laughter… jokes and sobs… questions and answers… all manner of daily dilemmas. 

Oh, the joy of it!  The sheer ecstasy of having someone
listen who truly cares, who knows what it's like to feel as unloved and insecure… to be so lonely and uncertain… someone to be unselfishly happy about successes and triumphs… to commiserate with your failures and disappointments.  The Cancerian cup will runneth over with pure relief.  The Piscean's humility and kindness will likely run over too, until all the Neptune energy (frail at best) is drained.  But it will return, always - and the thing is that Pisces usually won't resent it, except for rare, extenuating circumstances.  The Fish never just pretends interest in the Crab's confidences.  The interest is real, the concern felt is genuine, not expressed simply to be polite.  Of course, all twelve Sun Signs revel in the cozy comfort of the Neptune couch sessions, but no one could appreciate the 24-hour, 7-days-a-week Piscean confessional more sincerely than the pathetically grateful Crabs. 

One of the major dangers of this otherwise smooth and extraordinarily sympathetic 5-0 association (in addition to periodic pouting over finances) is he danger of alcohol and drugs - or the lesser 'escape' of daydreaming and procrastination.  The drinking encouraged by an excessive social life can lure the Crab and Fish into waters over both their heads, and they must constantly be on guard against the seductive beckoning pleasures of the flesh.  It's also best that the two of them stay a healthy distance away from experimentation in black magic, hypnosis, séances, and other fringe areas of the occult, because their combined Water Sign vibrations can easily allow them to drown in the matters which are deceptively exciting - and may prove tragic. 

Because the true love of Cancer is home and hearth, the Fish is the one most likely to answer the haunting call of wanderlust and travel, seeking a change-of-scene.  But Crabs can also become fascinated (though less often by the glitter beyond the home cave - crawl (or waddle) away to investigate and get lost among the sand dunes, unable to find the way back to the hearth he (or she left.  When this occurs, even Cancer's ruling Moon seems to frown, refusing to light the path back, eclipsing her lovely Lunar face, until the lonely, wandering Crab is properly contrite.  No matter how much they may claim otherwise, the boy and girl Crabs are miserable leading the nomadic life, for they both were born to nestle cozily in their own homes, surrounded with the familiar fragrances of yesterday, old friends and neighbourhoods, they know.  (Also near Mama and Papa - the children and the family). 

Sometimes a Crab will trade the cradle of the known and trusted for the thrill of ambition.  Money can throw the typical Cancerian into a trance-like, catatonic state of mind for months, years even.  The possibility of earning and accumulating huge financial assets lures many Crabs away from the fireplace and the apple tree in the backyard.  But their hearts refuse to follow their bodies, stubbornly remaining behind and calling softly to them, in their dreams… to come home. 

Home doesn't normally hold the same degree of sentimental attachment for the Fish that it does for most Cancerians.  Pisces enjoys the snug security of a home base, but Neptune constantly crashes the cymbals of faraway music in the Piscean inner ear, however prosaic the life of the Fish may be.  At the slightest provocation, Pisces is ready to swim upstream to another lake, even risk a float on the great ocean, rather than stifle his (or her) creative imagination with boring sameness and monotony. 

For a while, the Crab and the Fish will have a marvelous time traveling together, anywhere at all.  Then the heart Cancer left behind, will start tugging on the Lunar person at night (especially during the Full Moon) to return.  The Fish will probably return too (to please the Crab) but reluctantly.  To the Neptune-ruled, change is the stuff of which Life is made.  Pisces men and women weave their dreams with threads of

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