wrong.  Don't be so damned demanding.' 

This is a classic scenario.  And the annoying part of it is that the air person isn't lying.  He's telling you the truth as he understands it.  He always tells the truth, which is one of his great failings.  (Like when you look terrible, or he announces to you that he isn't sure if he loves you today.)  He really doesn't know.  And for him to ferret out what has happened means he must become aware of his own emotions.  Which means the hurt he imagines you dealt him, the neglect, the jealousy, the whatever that is the last thing in the world he wishes to admit he is experiencing.  It just isn't civilized. 

No question about it.  Of all the elements, this strange animal is the most difficult of all in love affairs.  That is, if you aren't an emotional telepath.  If you are, then you're all right, for the glory and the tragedy both of the airy people is that when they really give their hearts, like children, they give them forever.  The trouble is that they can give it and not know it, and leave the relationship (or be left) and discover it thirty years later, when it's much too late.  One of the paradoxes of human nature displays itself in glowing colours here.  Each element of the zodiac is related to a sphere of life, and each has a special gift for expressing in that sphere of life.  But each element also has a secret underside which is just the opposite, like the undertow of a tide as it's coming in.  In behavioural terms, air is a somewhat chilly element.  But if you really pierce the layer on the surface, and get past that constant analyzing and rational structuring that goes on habitually in the airy mind, you will find that the airy person's feelings run deep and strong - so deep and so strong, in fact, that they terrify him.  Emotionally, air is a child.  A child's feeling nature is na´ve, intense and not very flexible.  In feeling matters, air simply isn't very sophisticated, although you'd think from all that polished charm and the ease of which he flirts and chats and makes clever innuendoes that relationships are an easy matter for him.  Not so.  What you have, really, is all the vulnerability, sensitivity and needfulness of a child's feelings in an adult's body.  And a good piece of advice to anyone involved in a relationship with a strongly airy temperament is:  handle with care, for the person usually isn't aware himself or herself of the depth to which the emotions can reach.  Airy people can often be infuriating because of their lack of warmth in close relationships.  You get the feeling they are treating you the same as everybody else:  fairly, with polite interest, but nothing special.  But if you can understand this side of air's nature, and coax it into expression gently (airy people often come near to paralysis when confronted with violently expressed emotional demands), then you're rewarded with all the delicacy and depth of this na´ve but powerful love.  Beneath the cool wit, air is an incurable romantic in emotional realms, and is truly incapable of using feeling for diplomacy or manipulation.  Children, after all, are the only true honest souls among us. 

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