abruptly pushes his emotional responses into the unconscious and the machine registers nil.  It is exceedingly hurtful if you are in love, since it's like somebody cut the cord and left you utterly alone.  But there it is.  Air represses emotions he cannot deal with.  By repress we don't mean control, either.  That too.  But it's much more serious than that.  He just blanks them out.  He's no more aware of them than you are.  They vanish into the vault, and the surface reveals a smooth, glassy consistency.  Angry?  Of course he's not angry.  Hurt?  Don't be ridiculous.  Jealous?  Why, he never feels jealousy.  You begin to feel distinctly crude and irrational and bloody-minded in the face of all that non-reactiveness.  Don't let it fool you.  You should recognize what he doesn't know about himself.  The element of air masks an intensely emotional nature, which positively terrifies the pants off him.  If he's lucky, it will remain unconscious for a long time.  Or maybe I should say, if he's unlucky, for the longer he blocks off his feeling responses, the worse the inevitable explosion will be.  Yes, inevitable.  Nothing dies that isn't lived out.  Psychic energy doesn't vanish because you don't like it.  It just goes underground and then surfaces when your back is turned some dark night. 

Beneath the sanguinity is a lot of sensitivity, an acute sensitivity that allows the airy person to be much more easily hurt than others and much more deeply wounded.  It also causes him to be more inclined toward emotional dependence, and a profound need for tenderness and sympathy which he cannot for the life of him ask for in any straightforward way.  The other elements, when they feel weak, frightened, needful, jealous, hurt, angry or rejected, or wildly in love, will tell you so.  Earth will buy you flowers, maybe, and fire will write you a flamboyant poem.  Water will positively inundate you with emotion.  But air?  Why, air will discuss the weather.  What did you expect?  Or the political situation in Iran.  Or the state of the labour unions.  And if you're a telepath or know something about astrology, you can learn to pick up the body language, the dilation of the pupils of the eyes, the movements of the hands, the feeling tone, the intangible communication of an emotional fact that - if he faced it - would embarrass him immensely.  Be patient.  Nobody blushes like an air sign. 

Emotionally, in short, the air signs - most sophisticated of all in the realm of thought and understanding - are children.  They have the entire spectrum of a child's nature too, both the dark and the light.  On the one hand, their na´vetÚ is touching and beautiful, and every emotional experience has a depth and meaning which the more jaded types quite miss.  Air can really be enchanted, because on this level he is childlike, and children still respond to wonder.  He can also be touchingly trusting, in a way which makes you always want to show your best face and treat him with integrity.  The idealism inherent in his feelings is a powerful pull toward living up to the ideal.  There is a purity of emotion, a lack of worldliness, which he may find embarrassing, but which is a rare and precious gift if you happen to be the recipient. 

He also has the egocentricity, dependency, crankiness, clinginess and oversensitivity of the child.  Remember the tantrums that children throw when you neglect them?  Well, you may never see a real tantrum.  More likely you'll see a sulk, or a very subtle coolness which makes its point loud and clear.  You rejected me.  Now I'm going to reject you.  So there.  This kind of sulkiness and unconscious moodiness is very difficult to endure if you don't understand it.  Especially when you try to tell him about it.  The dialogue runs something like this: 

'What's the matter, dear?  You seem to be in a bad mood.'
Translation:  You've gone cold.  What have I done?)
'Nothing's the matter.  I'm not in a bad mood.  I'm perfectly all right.' 
Smirk of secret satisfaction that you've been rebuffed and noticed.) 
Translation:  I never have moods.  It's you that's emotional and moody.) 
'But I know something's wrong.' 
'Look, just leave me alone, will you?  I keep telling you nothing's

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