matter of fact, these Neptune traits just happen to be the chief ingredients of faerie dust. 

Virgo is admiring and interested, but still puzzled.  Where may one buy a tad or so of this faerie dust, and is it frightfully expensive?  You just goofed it.  Sorry.  I know how you hate to goof.  But you did.  First off, one is either
born with a supply of faerie dust, or one is not.  If you are (as Pisces is) you're fortunate - but then it can be unfortunate too, because in possessing an invisible supply of faerie dust, one sends out a certain colour in one's aura that's easily detected by the baddies and nasty little entities of the astral, and which invites them to plague you with trillions of all sorts of problems to test your worth.  They also keep trying to steal your faerie dust from you.  It's the ancient metaphysical law of Light attracting darkness, you see.  Second off, if you weren't born with it, obviously you'll have to manage to somehow acquire a dram or so of it, at lest for emergencies - and the surest way to ensure that you won't find any to obtain, is to ask the price and worry about the expense.  As soon as you start the picky-picky money mantra, the stuff disappears, faerie dust being very contrary (almost as much so as faeries themselves, who can simply unbelievably contrary when they're in a mood for mischief).  The best way to obtain faerie dust is through a close association with a Pisces friend, business associate, relative, lover or mate. 

Now, I must be honest and perfectly factual (or Virgo would never forgive me) by confessing that, although the Fish are amply supplied with magical faerie dust, and although they do usually refuse to allow their dreams and wishes to 'fade into the shadows of futility,' they are at the same time occasionally guilty of submitting to nameless apprehensions, fears and timidity.  Don't blame me for confusing you, Virgo.  Pisces is a Sun Sign of duality, you know.  Oh, one of
those?  Yes, one of those.  Pisces is represented by two Fish, not one - and worse yet, the symbolic Fish are swimming in opposite directions.  It's not at all easy to be pulled in different directions simultaneously.  It would drive you, as a Virgin, absolutely crackers to be tugged in two directions at once.  You wouldn't know which route to analyze first.  So you really should give all the Fish you know your sympathy.  Goodness knows they're always passing out sympathy to everyone else in such a constant flow, they can certainly use some themselves, to pick up their own spirits now and then.  In short, and I hope Virgo forgives our slang, duality can be a drag. 

Take for example, the Piscean sensitivity.  The Fish are startlingly perceptive and precognitive.  They can read your mind and your heart before they you say a single word.  Whether you're a friend or a stranger, they pick up your vibes and soak up the emotional joys and sorrows, elations and depressions of everyone within a few feet of them.  Taken in one direction, that's a blessing.  It makes the Fish compassionate, wise, understanding and psychic.  Taken in a different direction, it can be a curse.  The ability to be sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, whether in the same room or at a distance, brings with it a constant danger, for a sound astrological reason.  The gift of being 'sensitive' or psychic, is never present (including
all Sun Sign people who have sensitive planetary configurations in their birth charts) without being accompanied by the twin trait of a vivid imagination - and the potential of exceptional creativity.  Even though the latter isn't encouraged in childhood, therefore later grows dormant, it is infallibly latent in the Piscean personality (or in the personality of any sensitive person of whatever Sun Sign).  And so the sensitive Fish must always be on guard against allowing the strong imaginations of creative talents they all possess to some degree (whether they're aware of possessing them or not) to distort the 'images' they are constantly receiving from others, to cloud their impressions with possibly misleading negative tones and shades.  Imagination, like fire, is a 'good' servant, but a bad master.' 

There's little chance of Virgo permitting such distortion.  Therefore, the Virgins can be very helpful to Pisces, and the opportunity to be helpful is enticing to Virgos, being as it is, their main mission on Earth.  They can courteously and gently point out to the Piscean where a certain image,

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