far as precise order is concerned, most Piscean personal belongings resemble a Picasso abstract.  As for the neatness of their dwellings, whether they live in one room, an apartment, a house or a mansion, the residence of your typical Fish is about as neat as a Salvador Dali canvas - utter chaos.  A lovely, charming and rainbow-streaked mess of total confusion.  But only in relation to tidiness.  Beyond that, there's always a contradictory, yet unmistakable feeling of peace and quiet which is hypnotically inviting, in the very midst of Piscean disorder.  Now and then, of course, you'll run across a Neptune person like a male bachelor Fish I know in Colorado, whose house is always ready for the photographers from Better Homes and Gardens to pop up in the door unannounced - but he has several planets in Virgo, and a Virgo Ascendant.  Never mind Piscean Dick Johnson, he's one of those rare exceptions; astrology still claims that most Pisces homes are like a tangle of coloured ribbons - a crazy crochet of warmth, coziness, tea and sympathy, and casual disorder, not carefully dusted in each and every nook and cranny.  Who cares about a few specks of dust in nooks and crannies?  (The Fish have lots of odd sized secrets tucked away in their nooks and crannies, and may not want them disturbed by Virgo's feather duster.) 

Actually, all those Virgo qualities mentioned in the last paragraph are not habits the Fish would care to acquire -
consciously.  Deep down inside, however, they're aware they could benefit by a little less daydreaming and relaxation, a little less procrastination, a little more mental tidiness and emotional neatness - whether involving their cars, their teeth, their chequebooks or what-have-you.  They just don't like to admit it.  Nevertheless, they do sense it, which is why the Fish are fascinated by Virgo.  That is, they're fascinated by the opposite sex of their opposite Sun Sign of Virgo, but they may feel a little nervous around Virgins of the same sex, who seem to project an unspoken challenge of competition with Pisces.  There's nothing in this world that makes a Pisces man or woman fidgety and uncomfortable than to feel that he (or she) is expected, in some manner, to compete with someone.  That's an activity they happen to feel is 'counter-productive,' as well as time and energy wasting - competing.  Because they were both born under Mutable Signs, Virgo and Pisces often surprise each other by managing to communicate very well together, even when they are competing, despite the vast differences in their polarized personalities.  Also, they're both somewhat reticent and reserved with strangers. 

It wouldn't be fair (what is Libra doing in here? Maybe to help us make peace between the Fish and the Virgin?)  As I was saying, it wouldn't be fair (Libra nods, with a beaming smile of approval) to fail to point out that the Fish also possesses qualities the Virgins would benefit by imitating - and it's a safe bet that Virgo, unlike Pisces, is aware of this on a conscious level.  Virgo minds are so acute and alert, there's almost nothing left down below in the subconscious.  They drag all their thoughts and feelings up from the basement, so to speak, and check them over periodically, to make sure there's nothing being overlooked, neglected or mislaid.  So the Virgins are usually painfully conscious, not only of a vague envy they feel around Pisces, but also what
causes it.  It's the Neptune talent for daydreaming and wishing, then making those dreams and wishes happen to some sort of strange Neptunian alchemy - from causing a parking space to magically appear at the mall, to becoming happily mated or winning the Nobel Peace Prize, sometimes the Pulitzer.  Virgo frowns.  Well, but how do they do it?  Sprinkle faerie dust on themselves? 

Your guess is right on the button, Virgo - as your estimates frequently are (which the good Lord knows they
should be, the way you analyze and re-analyze all possibilities before you hazard a guess).  The Fish cause their dreams and wishes to manifest into reality by the simple process of continually affirming their faith in the essential goodness of the 'all' (the mass, collective subconscious) and in the eternal wisdom of uncomplaining patience.  (Virgos are not slouches in the area of patience patterns either, but one wouldn't call it 'uncomplaining' patience.)  I hate to tell you this, Virgo, but they do it by not fussing and worrying their dreams and wishes into fading away into the shadows of futility.  As a

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