impression or idea may not be quite as negative as the Fish first thought, assisting the Neptune-ruled to bring out all the bright colours of their ideas, after retouching the negative with reality (a reality that's nearly always more hopeful than might appear on the surface).  By so doing, the most marvelous thing occurs to Virgos.  They come away from a comforting, solacing couch session with a Fish (who needs comfort at times desperately, the same kind Pisces so freely and humbly gives to others) feeling rather happy and cheerful and good inside.  Then suddenly, in the middle of the night, Virgo notices that his (or her) hands seem gritty.  In fact, the Virgin's whole body, from head to toe, feels… well, not quite squeaky-clean and shiny.  How could that be, when the nightly shower was taken before climbing in bed?  So Virgo hastens into the bathroom to wash his (or her) hands, and lo and behold!  A miracle has occurred.  The Virgin's hands are covered with a glittery, sparkling, fine substance, like little starflakes.  Faerie dust.  It rubbed off from the Fish.  And it didn't cost a penny.  Now Virgo can become a touch magical too, like Pisces - and won't it be grand fun?  All because of giving to a sad and lonely Fish, just a bit of the same kind of compassion and genuinely interested 'listening' the Fish gives so generously to others, and needs so very much himself (or herself).  That's how you obtain faerie dust.  They don't sell it in stores. 

Now that Virgo has his (or her) tad of the mysterious Neptune elixir, it must be remembered what will inevitably happen next.  Just as with Pisces, the Virgo aura will instantly be streaked with that strange colour which signals to the imps of the astral that here is one who hides a secret stash of faerie dust - and before long, Virgo will face the Piscean kind of testing, becoming like the Fish, entangled in the skeins of all the various heartaches, intrigues and complex problems of friends, loved ones, neighbours and strangers.  Glorious!  Pisces could give Virgo no gift more welcome than this.  Just
imagine.  A hundred new worries to analyze and solve efficiently, as only a Virgin can.  You see>  Virgo has already delightedly danced over to the desk, and is promptly, as usual, writing a bread-and-butter thank you note to Pisces. 

Dear Fish…thank you so much for the enchanting F.D.  Are you sure I don't owe you something for it?  You really musn't give anything away as you do.  It's generous and sweet of you, but remember that 'a penny saved is a penny earned.'  At any rate, I just had to express how grateful I am for all the new problems you've allowed me to share with you and your friends.  No one has given me such a marvelous gift since the Christmas I was three years old, and Santa left a huge Tinker Toy set under the tree!  It took positively months to figure out exactly where all the pieces fir together.  That was the happiest time of my whole life, until now.  I do hope you're feeling better since our little talk.  I'll drop by in a few days, to see if there's anything you need, any way I might be of further help.  Thank you again. 

Very truly yours
The Virgin

P.S.  I just realized how exciting it was, back then, when I believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, druids, leprechauns, elves and wishing stars.  You've made me remember my old dreams, even made me realize they might actually be worth something, even after all these years.  Maybe I'll clean them up a bit.  They must have accumulated a dreadful amount of dust all this time in the basement.  I hope none of them are broken.  Of course, I suppose I could glue them carefully.  Do you suppose anyone will notice?  I must close now, because it's nearly two and one half minutes till midnight., and I set the alarm for 5 a.m. since I have to be at work by eight in the morning.  Do you know what I might do?  I just might take the day-off tomorrow, relax and dig into some books that I've been wanting to read.  My God.  That F.D. is powerful.  Really quite intoxicating.  It's probably healthy too.  I bet it even aids regularity, and may eliminate my nervous indigestion.  You simply must let me pay you something for it, or at least allow me to make a contribution to your favourite charity.  I'd feel terribly guilty about accepting it otherwise. 

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