AQUARIUS:  I was thinking, it's so costly to convert grain to meat, and if Americans would…
VIRGO:  Exactly!  It takes twenty pounds of grain to create just one pound of beef.  Excuse me, please, for interrupting. 
AQUARIUS:  Sure, that's okay.  Like I was saying, if Americans would eat less meat, this would…
VIRGO:  If Americans ate only ten percent less meat for only fifty-two weeks, or one year, it would free more than twelve million tons of grain for people all over the planet whose bellies are bloated from hunger.  How can people realize that, and still enjoy their hamburgers and steak>  Please forgive me.  I didn't mean to interrupt again.  I'm sorry. 
AQUARIUS:  Don't mention it.  Listen.  I was wondering… what would happen if we didn't eat any meat at all? 
VIRGO:  I'm glad you asked.  What would happen is that not only would the world be a happier place to live in, but we'd all be healthier and live longer.  Eating the flesh of our brutally murdered, slaughtered animal brothers is what causes nearly all disease.  We'll never heal the pain of starvation on this Earth, or heal our own bodies, if we don't stop eating meat.  Ph!  Do you eat meat?  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. 
AQUARIUS:  Well, I did eat it, but now I… say, are you a vegetarian? 
VIRGO:  Yes, I am.  Would you like a glass of carrot and celery juice?  If you've never tasted it, it's really delicious. 

Not all Virgins eschew meat, of course (although many do), but before long, this particular, courteous and informed Virgo will convert the curious Aquarian to a meatless diet, through the wise and inborn sense of human health all Virgos possess.  Soon, the Water Bearer will be spreading abroad the exciting new discovery, with typical humanitarian enthusiasm - that you can stay well, look young, extend your life span, and simultaneously help those who are starving - simply by treating your body to fresh fruits and veggies, instead of aging and slowly killing it with hamburgers, hot dogs, roast beef, and steak.  Then the Water Bearer will investigate further (like a good Aquarian detective) and joyfully pour out the newly discovered knowledge to Virgo that one can become more spiritually enlightened and psychic, as well as prevent and cure one's illnesses, by periodically observing a three-day grapefruit fast, such as every month or two, for which wisdom Virgo will be cheerfully grateful. 

Yes, together these two may rescue old Mother Earth and her misguided Earthlings after all.  It's the Aquarian Age of brotherhood and sisterhood, so why shouldn't Virgo join the Uranus club too?  Virgo cleverness and clear thinking, combined with Aquarian inventiveness and genius, could be just the magical alchemy we need - plus the innate kindness and concern for others which is characteristic of both Sun Signs.  Kindness heals all ills. 

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