next new and exciting equation. 

An area of mystification between them will be the Virgo's awesome talent for details.  Virgo almost never forgets a name, a face, a sum, a date, or an address.  Aquarians can forget people, places, pens, pets, umbrellas, and uncles.  (Both, however, are unlikely to misplace their billfolds.)  The Aquarian penchant for forgetting can be traced to the reluctance of these men and women to clutter their minds with unnecessary data and details when there are so many multitudinous matters to investigate and solve.  Gertrude Dial, an Aquarian friend of mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado, always manages to remember both her pocketbook and her burglar alarm (she owns an antique and Indian turquoise store), but she's been known to be a little fuzzy on some occasions when she's trying to skip down memory lane with a typically vague Uranus road map.  I shall always be impressed by the image of the winter day we were chatting in her shop, and a snow-covered man burst through the door, grabbed Gertrude in a polar-bear hug, and cried out, "Gertrude, you sweet potato.  How have you been?" 

She bear-hugged him right back, answering, "I've been just fine.  It sure is good to see you."  Then she turned and said to me, "Linda, I want you to meet one of my
oldest and very closest friends.  This is uh… this is… (and she stared at him, her eyes misting with the haze of Uranus confusion).  I believe this is… uh… Jim.  No, I mean Richard… I mean Tom… uh, that is, uh… what is your name anyway?" 

It pays to note that this sort of Aquarian mental fuzziness is the stuff of which genius is made.  Refusing to bother with the memorization of nonessential data leaves these men and women free to give birth to startlingly original ideas, uncannily accurate hunches, and a lightning grasp of the really important facts of life.  So we shouldn't sniff at or put down the absent-mindedness Aquarians exhibit when their thoughts are wandering out there in the clouds.  But Virgos will sniff. 

They'll sniff and ask, "How in the world can anyone forget the name of a close friend?"  Such lack of mental discipline and breach of good manners horrifies the mentally meticulous, carefully courteous Virgo souls.  They simply cannot comprehend such intellectual laziness and disorderliness.  Shall we tell them that Aquarian Gertrude Dial
can remember the exact cost of everyone of her hundreds of pieces of turquoise jewelry, the year they were made, by which Indian, and precisely how many stones are set in each - with her eyes closed?  Yes, let's tell them.  Sometimes Virgos need to be tipped off to such non sequitur Uranus behaviour, lest they underestimate the unpredictable shrewdness of the Aquarius intuitive intellect and get caught in their own flytraps.  Aquarians don't have the time or patience to concern themselves unduly with etiquette-book-type good manners.  They have something more important - good hearts. 

Virgos are good-hearted and intelligent too, but more timid, less wonderfully impetuous in demonstrating it than Aquarians.  Whereas Aquarius arrives at a gesture of charity or a brilliant intellectual conclusion instinctively, through some sort of invisible telepathic process - Virgo arrives at the same place through painstaking inquiry and analysis - not instantly, like the Water Bearers, but right on time.  Right on
what time?  Did someone ask the time? 

VIRGO:  It's exactly nineteen minutes before six o'clock P.M. 
AQUARIUS:  The time?  What time is it?  Uh, well… it's afternoon, isn't it?  No, it must be closer to evening.  I just noticed the sun is setting.  By the way, why is it that science refers to the Sun setting and rising, when it's the Earth that revolves around the Sun, and not the Sun around the Earth?  I mean, why not call it Earthrise and Earthset instead of Sunrise and Sunset? 

Indeed, why not?  That will give Virgo something to chew on and analyze for the next fourteen minutes and three seconds at least!  Just another carelessly dropped, brilliant observation from an ordinary,

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