Archie Bunker is a Bull.  (Not actor Carroll O'Connor.  Archie Bunker.  Only sissies avoid their patriotic duty.)  Of those Bulls who did follow heir consciences in this respect, they all suffered private guilt twinges later.  Even now there are Taureans who are willing to demonstrate for new causes    like Ecology, Solar Energy, Greenpeace, Women's Rights and so on, just as some of them demonstrated for Civil Rights for the blacks.  After all, it is the Aquarian Age, and even Bulls can't help being swept up in the violent changes.  But it will have taken them considerable time to decide to join any protests, and they would have done so only after due cautious reflection. 

The currently Venus-ruled Bulls you may know who muscled two-by-two in yesterday's Peace Parades, sniffing posies, believed in 'Peace' itself quite naturally.  Yet only a handful of those who called the police 'pigs,' threw trash on the White House lawn, set fires, and otherwise defied law and order - or streaked through towns and hamlets naked, to proclaim their pristine innocence - were Taureans.  (In the latter instance, it's a safe bet the Bulls, however,
watched the streakers with interest and amusement.  The slapstick aspect of 'streaking' tickled their fancies.)  But on the whole, the 'revolutionary' Taurus protestors just stood there quietly, clutching their Peace signs, candles, flowers, incense, or whatever - and it's quite possible some of them are still standing there. 

Their defense of established mores and their respect for authority (when authority is
sensible) is often what draws two Bulls together initially - and the glue that keeps them together.  Taurus feels that, if change is needed, the only reasonable (there's that word again!) way to bring it about is within the system.  Actually, the rest of us should be properly grateful for this basically kind-hearted, reliable souls, who are so dedicated to the reign of cool reason.  We need the assorted viewpoints of all twelve Sun Signs for any sort of sane and lasting Peace on Earth.  Bu a couple of Bulls, when they're doubling up on their innate character traits, can freeze into a mold that's just a touch fanatical.  Both are deeply and sincerely concerned with protecting their investments, their possessions, their families and loved ones, and their country from wild-eyed radicals.  Of course, you must realize that to Taurus, the definition of 'wild-eyed radicals' can be an affectionate couple, who are embracing on the street, wearing twin stickers on their Levi's reading:  One-to-three-four, we'd rather_ _ _ _ than go to war.  They'd rather kiss than defend their own country?!  That sort of philosophy, to the typical Bull, borders on anarchy. 

The most potentially damaging aspect of a Taurus-Taurus association is the great reluctance of either Bull to repent when one has seriously offended the other.  Even when a Taurus is inwardly convinced that he (or she) has been mistaken, the tendency is to stubbornly stand by what's been unwisely said or done, because to admit a mistake is uncomfortably close to being weak, and the very word 'weakness' makes a Bull see red.  Now and then, one Bull can coax the other to unbend and say, "I'm sorry," or make up, but not often.  Sometimes tickling them helps.  They 'giggle,' turn pink, then finally mumble, "Aw shucks, I didn't mean it."  It's always easier for Taureans to back down when the disgrace of being wrong is cozily blanketed in humour.  It breaks the fall. 

When a bull finally comprehends that Taurus patience is a graceful, desirable virtue, but that turned upsidedown, it's transformed into plain cussed, bull-headedness, it will be easier to forgive the other half of the Taurus team his (or her) own spells of the same 'virtue.'  Two Bulls can work or play side-by-side and behave beautifully.  They'll be mutually docile, dependable, and sweetly compliant - if one doesn't push the other too far, or too hard.  Nearly all Taureans have a sensational sense of humour, and if they can learn to laugh at
themselves, their adjustment problems will be all over.  There's nothing like a funny bone to tickle the Bull into moving, or changing a Fixed position.  Humour is one of the greatest qualities a human being can possess.  Blended in generous amounts with the wonderful Taurean dependability, it can help to make these lovable and huggable men and women more reasonable - as well as a shade more flexible. 

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