others of contrary opinion. 

One of the producers of a major television network where I was once a writer, is a Taurus.  I remember the time he was assigned by the network to build a prime time TV spectacular around a popular singing star, also a Taurus.  One calm, peaceful morning, the Taurus star arrived at the Taurus producer's office to discuss the format of the show, and these two Bulls were closeted together behind locked doors for nearly six hours, without so much as a coffee break.  Each of them had his own ideas about the spectacular, the guest stars, the songs, the musical theme, the scenic background, lighting effects, and so on.  When the famous Taurean finally left, the Taurus producer's secretary and staff crowded around his to ask, "What's he like?"  The weary Bull considered the question carefully, as usual, and finally allowed as how the star was a nice, friendly person, intelligent and creative.  Then he paused, and said, "But look how long it took him to approve of one simple TV format.  He kept pushing some ridiculous ideas he had, over and over, before he realized that I was right in the first place.  All that valuable time wasted.  I've never met anyone so stubborn."  Everyone broke up.  It took them several minutes to calm down, while the Taurus producer kept asking, "What did I say that was so funny?" 

The last chapter of the foregoing story is that the agent for the Taurus singing star phoned the next day to proffer the singing Bull's apologies.  He had decided not to do the spectacular they discussed, and had signed with another network.  Period.  End of story. 

You've probably heard lots of unfair rumours about female American singing star Barbra Streisand being difficult and unreasonable to work with, right?  Barbra is a Taurus lady.  Obviously, such rumours are false.  As I've just pointed out, Taureans are completely
reasonable.  I refer the reader once again to the fourth paragraph of this chapter for a detailed explanation of the reasonable attitude of these unjustly maligned Taurus people.  At least no one ever accuses them of not being musical.  Every Taurus ever born either sings beautifully, as an amateur or professional - in the shower or tub - while shaving - or if nothing else, adores listening to music, and dreaming about singing. 

An association between two Bulls, labouring under the double weight of a 1-1 Sun Sign influence, can be placid, stable and mutually comforting.  These people are normally sweet, patient Teddy-Bear types, respectful of each other's rights, quietly devoted, and unquestionably loyal.  Still, life may become somewhat stagnant and uneventful for them, unless the birth chart of one or both contains planets in Air or Fire Signs.  Taureans are suspicious of change, because the Bull is conservative, and that's
not a false rumour.  If you know a Bull who actually enjoys change, especially abrupt change, he or she was either adopted or the Moon and/or Ascendant was in a sign like Aries, Gemini, or Aquarius at birth.  Maybe Sagittarius.  The typical Taureans are on guard against quick reforms or sudden switches in the status quo, being very much like Capricorn in this respect.  They feel that, on the whole, things have been plodding along pretty well for a number of centuries, so why disturb things by changing the rules and regulations of life?  To the average Taurean (always allowing for the rare exceptions who prove the rule) any sort of radical interference with Fixed Habit (Taurus is a Fixed Sign, you know) - is unwise.  Fixed Habits have already been proven worthy by time, and a new, untested idea could be merely a hair-brained scheme, which might be the dangerous wedge that brings disaster.  When a Bull does change his (or her) mind - which does occasionally occur - you can be jolly well certain the change of opinion has been methodically blocked out and measures up to all the necessary qualifications of practicality. 

There were, of course, a fair number of double Taurus teams who participated in the 'youth revolution' of the sixties, but an honest survey would show that an extremely low percentage of them were draft-card burners who escaped to Canada, or elsewhere, because of conscientious objection.  Taurus may 'conscientiously object' to many things, but facing physical danger is not one of them.  The Sun Sign Taurus rules patriotism in astrology (as does Cancer).  American television hero

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