To Taurus, the Bull, the recognition of a different kind of sin is necessary for the soul's enlightenment and final salvation.  Therefore, the Bull feels compelled to force the Fish to confess his (or her) guilt of self-deception and fantasy - to see things as they are - and the clear, sparkling streams of Pisces visions are forced back to the rich, stable Earth by the practicality of the watchful Taureans. 

"Jonathan (Kathryn) that is not your real name.  You are make-believing and fantasizing again," scolds Taurus, never suspecting that the tears of the chastised Piscean then are not for Neptune's transgressions against Taurean reality… but for all the lost and lonely souls in this 'world of illusion.' 

"Jonathan (Kathryn" are you not terribly sorry?" persists the Bull. 

"Oh yes… oh yes," replies the Fish. 

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