I know a Pisces banker, with a Capricorn Ascendant and a Taurus Moon Sign, who carefully counts copper and silver and paper all day long, but he frowns as he counts, and wonders why he's cursed with aching feet and asthma.  As a Fish he's allergic to currency, you see, but the earthy influences in his horoscope won't let him chuck it overboard and swim away. 

I also know a Taurus musician, whose Pisces Moon Sign and Ascendant cause him to leave huge tips on the bar, and squander his money at the race track.  But he has a few extra gin and tonics each time he loses, to quiet his guilty Taurean Sun Sign conscience. 

It's important to be true to your Sun Sign, whatever conflicting planetary influence pull on your inner psyche, because each of the twelve signs has its purpose in human evolvement.  An idle, extravagant Bull is always an extremely unhappy person, just as a sober, mercenary Fish is always a pathetically sad, neurotic human being.  If these two join forces, they can then each do what comes naturally. 

Pisces could show Taureans more imaginative ways to make money, and teach them the joys of sharing it with others, along with the truth of the infallible Universal Law that the more you give, the faster it multiplies. 

Conversely, Taurus could teach Pisces the proper respect for minimal security, that it's wiser to save at least a few dollars, even if you give away a hundred or so, in case there are a few lean days before that Universal Law goes into effect.  It's such a drag to have to sit on the corner in the rain, holding out a tin cup.  The very idea gives the Bull nervous palpitation, and makes his hair stand on end. 

There are, of course, Pisceans who are forced by circumstances, and memories of childhood poverty, to worry and fret about having to take a turn with the tin cup, so they pinch their few pennies, but privately hate themselves fro being so miserly.  Yet, when they stop pinching, the money to replace what was spent appears like magic from unexpected sources.  If these Pisceans would listen to their own hearts, they'd get over their tin-cup traumas, and end their poverty at the same time. 

An odd and interesting difference between Taurus and Pisces is a fact as simple as their names.  Very few Bulls have nicknames, and if they do, they usually don't like them.  As for changing his or her name legally, a typical Bull will balk, even if the name is Percival Periwinkle or Clarestine Clapper.  They may suffer as children, but by the time their adults they will have convinced themselves their names have a good, solid sound, and anyone who doesn't think so can go sit on a tack.  Remember the true story about Miss Hogg, who named her three children Ima Hogg, Ura Hogg and Hess Hogg?  Since I've never heard or read that any of the three ever changed their names, I suspect they all had Taurus Sun Signs, Moon Signs or Ascendants. 

As for Pisces, almost every Fish you meet will either already have a nickname, or secretly longs for one.  After a while, if their friends don't oblige them, many Fish will adopt an alias on their own.  A Pisces girl or woman named Catherine will flirt with the idea of spelling it
Kathryn - a Pisces boy, or man, named John, will doodle it as Joshua, or toy with the idea of legally changing it to a more romantic Jonathan.  Anything to make life more exotic, and to keep your identity hidden from snoopers who pry into your personal life. 

Pisces can't stand direct questions, or being pinned down to a positive stand.  It's the nature of the Fish to glide in and out and around a situation, looking at all sides, and absorbing its various implications - or glide away quietly from a controversy that chops up the waters around him, and threatens his equilibrium. 

None of that sneaking away for Taurus.  What is there to be faced, he faces, with open courage, and he will remain standing there stubbornly, until he proves his point.  If he can't prove it, after much effort, he turns his strong back and leaves, but he doesn't glide away.  He stalks off

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