heavily back to where he started from, with his original opinion clutched tightly in his arms, across his beefy chest. 

That's more or less what happens when these two get into an argument.  There's seldom a satisfactory or final settlement.  But the day can be saved by laughter.  The Bull has a rich, delicious, absolutely marvelous sense of humour.  It's not the bright, brittle, sophisticated comedy of caustic wits, but a warm humour that stems from the colourful reality of everyday living, the kind that spilled over in the musical
Fiddler on the Roof.  Since the very bright, sometimes super-intelligent Fish has a fine appreciation for humour - somehow, between the grins, they'll either forget their differences, or resolve them through the compromise of their Earth and Water elements, which are essentially, in astrology, as in Nature, compatible.  As mentioned elsewhere on this book, Water enriches Earth, and Earth provides a home for Water, but the wrong blending of these two can create mud or quicksand. 

Because this is a 3-11 vibratory pattern, the meeting of the Bull and the Fish is seldom accidental, or a 'first incarnational encounter.'  Like all 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern people, the two of them are guided by Fate to insure the return, the even exchange of devotion or hurt given, one unto the other, in past incarnations - sometimes the former, sometimes the latter - but more often a combination of both.  Like those people whose
day of birth (not including month or year) adds to the number 4 or 8, will be bound firmly to the lives of other 4 or 8 persons, like it or not, pleasant or unpleasant - those under the influence of this Sun Sign Pattern will find they have no choice in deciding to meet, or when to part. 

They're magnetically pulled together, in order to carry out the karmic balance of action and reaction, under the direction of the Higher Angels of themselves - the Superconscious of each.  Numerology and astrology are sisters or brothers - whichever you prefer, the relationship of these two arts and sciences being one of the very few situations thus far not initially labeled as masculine by male chauvinist pigs, nor later challenged and switched to the feminine gender by female chauvinist sows.  Help yourself. 

Taurus and Pisces will have, like all other 3-11 influenced people (and also like all those born on a
day which adds to the number 4 or 8), abundant opportunities for happiness and harmony in this present existence together, if they're willing to accept the duties and responsibilities of past karmic obligations to one another - i.e., bear the frequently tense aspects of their association, from time to time, as well as each other's weary burdens.  The rewards for uncomplainingly assuming the duties, however, are great indeed.  An example of a Taurus-Pisces, 3-11 fated Sun Sign Pattern, including both the light and shadows of necessary mutual sacrifice… and mutual ecstasy… is the destined relationship of poet and poetess Robert Browning (Taurus) and Elizabeth Barrett (Pisces).  There are thousands, millions of others, including, of course, the Bull and the Fish reading this chapter. 

Basically, Taurus and Pisces are tolerant of one another's weaknesses.  But Taurus is deeply concerned with the need for facing reality - even those occasional Master-Avatar Bulls, who now and then pass among us (yes, also
now), such as the ultimate-enlightened, and esoterically aware alchemist, the very Taurean Count de St. Germain.  These particular Masters are here to teach the necessity of the 'reality trip' for human evolvement, however spiritually advanced they may be themselves. 

Pisces is here on a totally different teaching trip.  The Fish are all very old souls, whether they're swimming upstream or downstream.  Pisceans have journeyed past horizons of such unearthly beauty they tear at the Neptune heart when he (or she) revisits them in dreams.  And so, the Fish cannot bear to face reality, as it appears to be on Earth.  They know the
real 'original sin' is in seeing, in recognizing sadness and ugliness, when our c0-Creators conceived and manifested only harmony and beauty.  In his or her subconscious, Pisces bears the ancient cry of the Tibetan monks whose chants echo across the vaulted ceiling of their monasteries:  This is the world of illusion… this is the world of illusion. 

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