Libra:  And yet, you say you believe in God
Taurus:  (stubbornly) of course I do.  I told you I do. 
Libra:  (speaking gently)  Then how is it that you don't believe He is wise enough and compassionate enough to guide you? 
Taurus:  Because I've never heard God talking.  No one has.  It isn't scientific. 
Libra:  You don't believe He can answer prayers?  A God you believe in so strongly?  How can God be so powerless 
Taurus I just told you.  I never heard Him speak.  Scientifically, there's no way He could speak. 
Libra:  I see.  You won't be satisfied until God appears to you in solid flesh, and says, "Hey! Why don't you become a scientist?  You'd make a great one!  Forget about law school, young man.  Your destiny lies elsewhere," as He spoke to Moses, behind the burning bush. 
Taurus:  (genuinely shocked)  How did you know I'd rather be a scientist than a lawyer? 
Libra:  (flashing a heavenly Venus smile of victory)  Because I prayed for you this morning, at mass - and suddenly, God revealed it to my subconscious.  He answered my prayer, as you can see, without speaking a single word. 
Taurus:  Gee!  Okay, Father.  From now on, I'll say a prayer every time I need to make a decision.  Could you see about getting my scholarship changed from law school to biology?  I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do until you just made me see.  Would you call it a divine revelation? 
Libra:  That's exactly what it was, my young friend.  That's what happens when you pray.  I'll check with an associate of mine at Notre Dame tomorrow, and let you know before the day is over. 

End of Conflict

Librans use what is known as the 'Socratic method' of discussion.  You have to watch them closely.  And listen carefully.  A Taurean who is too busy resisting to pay attention to Libra logic can trip on his (or her) own obstinacy. 

This is an association influenced by the 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern, which means that Taurus represents the eight astrological house of intriguing mystery (among other matters) to Libra.  Of course.  Libra would adore to solve the mystery of how the Bulls manage to remain so tranquil, and untouched, by all the raging personal and public controversies around them, so untormented by mental traumas, so frustratingly able to sleep throughout the night, like peaceful babies, never suffer the insomnia of decision-making that tortures Librans, sometimes until dawn - when the Good Lord knows they need their beauty sleep, their rest, as much as Taurus, even more, to keep their equilibriums in balance. 

Libra represents, to Taurus, the sixth astrological house of service, among other things.  Of course.  Didn't our budding scientist Taurean somehow manage to persuade the Libra priest to provide the service of pulling a few strings for him at Notre Dame?  Just by kidding around about wanting to play pro football?  When
this Bull was born, his natal Sun was in Taurus, but the Moon and Ascendant were both in Libra. 

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