logical mind to penetrate, with a minimum of resistance.  Libra knows very well that the immature rashness of Aries, the rude frankness of Sagittarius, the arrogance of Leo - and the immovable obstinacy of Taurus - are nothing but obstacles to success.  They're detrimental to the carrying out of one's real purpose - winning the controversy and getting one's own way, which is all that counts in the final analysis, to Libra.  And that sort of deduction, in itself, you must admit, is a clear and indisputable display of Libra logic. 

If you don't believe these insights, check with your Republican senator or congressman, regarding both their personal and group confrontations with Libran President Jimmy Carter - or with someone who served in the Armed Forces, under the immediate command of Libran Dwight Eisenhower - or perhaps with some of the former lovers and husbands of Libran Brigitte Bardot.  Maybe someone who tried to move Libran Eleanor Roosevelt for her determined, but flower-strewn path - or anyone who's ever tangled with Libran author Truman Capote, verbally or otherwise.  You will receive immediate confirmation of the astrological facts.  And never mind seductive Venus.  Venus being the ruler of all Librans, it's only logical that Librans of both sexes tend to operate in the traditional Venus (or feminine) way.  And all you male chauvinists know how women manage to get their own way by sweetly charming the enemy into surrender.  Libra lads are very much like Libra ladies in this respect. 

You say that Taurus is also ruled by Venus?  Yes, but with serious reservations.  Venus is not the true or natural ruler of the Bulls.  Taurus is only borrowing the guidance and influence of Venus from Libra, until the real Taurean ruling planet, Pan-Horus, is telescopically discovered and once again identified.  Therefore, although the Bulls also have the benefit of Venus sweetness, tenderness, and softness, she doesn't bestow upon them quite
all of her favours (such as her secret strategy) as she does with Librans.  Rather like a woman doesn't tell all her secrets to every man she guides and influences - only to her true lover, the one who possesses her heart.  Pan-Horus will shower Taureans with other kinds of power.  Wait.  (The Bulls will.  They're patient.) 

There's general inertia in the nature of the average Taurus man, woman, or child, that causes the Bulls to instinctively acquiesce to the customs of their community, office, classroom, or family circle - to the conventions of society, and the laws of their government.  If you cross-examine the Bulls, however, you'll find that they don't necessarily obey because they believe all these people and laws are right.  It's because the typical Taureans are convinced that ignoring convention or flaunting the law might bring trouble and disharmony, a state of affairs that Venus warns the Bulls to avoid, at whatever cost - the same tip she gives to Librans, you see.  It's just received and utilized in different ways by these two.  Once a Taurean is driven too far, he or she doesn't lack either strength or courage.  Far from it.  When it reaches push-to-pull, the Bulls of any age, and both sexes, will defend both their personal principles and their loved ones, fiercely.  (You'd better believe it!)  But Taurus sees absolutely no sense in stirring up muddy waters or risking violent agitation, just to win a minor point. 

Libra does.  Winning an intellectual point or decision, however minor, major - or in the middle - is the reason for the Libra person's very existence, symbolized by the Libra Scales, balanced in perfect harmony and justice.  If there's any sort of controversial issue at stake, the typical Taureans will simply yawn, or shrug, and state calmly (in those rich, mellow voices that compete with the Libra buttery, whipped-cream voices for sheer appeal) that it doesn't make the slightest difference to them
what happens in a matter too small to interest them - or one too large to concern them.  But nothing is too small or too large to need Libra's careful weighing and balancing and judgment. 

Should the bathroom be painted pink or green?  Should we impeach the President?  Does an electric toothbrush get your teeth cleaner?  Should the police crack their clubs over the heads of youngsters who are only expressing their idealism and their disgust with hypocrisy  (The big Libra

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