issue of the sixties.)    On the other hand, should the young people insult the police by calling them 'pigs,' when they're only trying to do their duty and keep the peace?  Is censorship to be tolerated in a land dedicated to freedom of speech and thought?  To look at the other side, in all fairness, in the lack of basic censorship responsible for the moral degeneration of youth in this country?  Will such permissive attitudes lead to America's downfall, as it led to the extinguishing of other great civilizations, such as Babylon, Atlantis, and Rome?  But then, to reconsider, how can there be liberty if there is censorship of any kind?  Is jogging healthy or unhealthy?  Should everyone be required to use solar heat (instead of nuclear power) and waterless toilets - for serious ecological reasons?  Do the AMA and the FDA have the public's - or their own - best interest at heart?  Or is this century someday to be known as the 'Dark Age' of healing?  If the bathroom is painted pink instead of green, will it clash with the yellow towels?  If it's painted green instead of pink, will it look like a hospital room? 

You can understand why Librans have to rest a lot.  It isn't fair to call them lazy.  When you engage in al that mental activity from the time you wake up in the morning, and can't decide which side of the bed to get out on - until the time you go to sleep at night, and can't decide whether to wear the top or the bottom of your nighty-nights - you're bound to feel a little weary and exhausted once in a while.  Not to mention a little edgy. 

Most Taureans can get weary and exhausted just from listening to a Libra contemplating all those decisions.  It sounds like insanity to the Bulls.  Just do what you feel (and therefore
know) is right, don't let anyone budge you an inch from your position - and SHUT UP about it.  That's the average or typical Taurean's philosophy about decisions, in a neat nutshell.  To the Bulls, constant argument is the most futile, wasteful, and therefore the most sinful, occupation they can imagine.  No one ever really wins an argument except the person who manages to fall asleep and snooze until it's over.  No one ever emerges victorious from a debate, right? 

Wrong.  Librans do.  They emerge victorious from all of them, except the ones they become quickly bored.  It's no wonder they win, when you think of the Libra weapons, smuggled to them by Venus.  Charm.  Tact.  Dimples.  (Somewhere on their bodies they have dimples.  Every last one of them.  Whether they show or not.)  Where were we?  Dimples.  Intelligence.  Flattery.  Optimism.  A serene and soothing manner.  Those satiny voices.  That incredible smile that bursts upon their features like an explosion of pure Sunlight.  That gorgeous laugh.  And besides all these powerhouse weapons, they have the sneakiness to use against you their spears of logical deduction when you least expect it.  I can't stress this danger often enough to the Bulls, who believe their own passive resistance will eventually wear down the Libra friend, relative, business associate, lover, or mate who's trying to prod them gently, into either verbal or physical action of some kind. 

The arguments Libra initiates, manipulates and finally wins with Taureans, can cover everything from politics to religion.  As for the latter, I once overheard a conversation between a Libran Catholic priest (a Jesuit, naturally) and an obstinate, young Taurean, who had stubbornly refused a scholarship to Notre Dame and was bullheadedly determined to become a professional football player.  Notice that the subject of football is not even mentioned:

Beginning of Conflict

Libra:  (initiating) I suppose you claim to believe in God? 
Taurus:  I most certainly do. 
Libra:  Then, why don't you pray to Him, regarding your vocation, if you aren't sure or not you want to study law? 
Taurus:  I am sure I don't want to study it.  (Libra loses the first round.  But no matter.  The trick didn't work.  This time.
Libra:  (moving right along)  But, just in case you might be mistaken, why don't you pray? 
Taurus:  Because I'd feel silly, that's why.  Prayer isn't

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