daughter.  At last, the Gemini remarked he had to dash off to see his stockbroker, smilingly waved goodbye and disappeared.  He forgot to pick up the check, but that was an obvious oversight.  After all, the man had a lot on his mind, between his clients, his Wall Street investments - and being in love. 

The following week, in one of those flukes of fate, the Taurus was having his hair cut by a barber, who just happened to be the Gemini's brother-in-law, and the truth came out.  He wasn't a public relations counsel, he was an assistant to a veterinarian.  He had two wives and five children he had neglected to mention.  His academic degrees consisted of a high school equivalency diploma.  The plane was a ingle-engine model aircraft he flew in the park on Sundays.  And the 'diamond' was one of the imitation zircons he sold through a mail-order house, to make enough bread for his weekly lessons on the saxophone, which he did happen to play rather well.  "I'd class him as a young Hymie Shrtzer, but with a real pop sense of jazz, you know?"  mused he barber brother-in-law.  A sense of jazz indeed. 

How did the Taurean father react to this gross betrayal of faith, involving his adored Taurean daughter, and his own judgment of character?  With the blind fury and violent rage of a Bull who has been red-flagged once too often.  Fortunately, by the time he reached the Gemini's apartment, the 'Twins' had just left for Mexico, to join a rock group on a tour of South America.  However, two years later, Gemini returned, felt a sentimental urge to visit the scene of the romantic crime, and paid a call on his old Taurus girlfriend.  At first she stubbornly refused his apologies, within half-hour she had forgiven him (the Gemini charm), and melted into his arms.  In another fluke of fate, at that precise moment, the father Bull walked through the door.  (I mean he actually did really walk
through the door.)  I will spare you the gruesome details.  Later, when the stitches were removed, the Twins left once again for Mexico, this time to take up permanent residence there.  It was a wise move. 

It takes a Taurus man, woman or child a long time to learn, but a lesson learned is never forgotten.  Never.  An elephant is absent-minded, when compared to the memory of a Taurean once wounded.  Naturally, not every Gemini keeps his (or her) Twin Selves as separate as the traveling sax player.  Most Geminis manage to blend their two distinct personalities into one bright, intelligent and interesting human being, reasonably honest, and refreshingly adaptable.  Still, the Geminian ability to change from one viewpoint to another, when it seems necessary for survival, can give Taurus an uneasy feeling that something is happening that he (or she) can't quite grab - or trust. 

This is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, meaning that Taurus is the sign immediately behind Gemini on the karmic wheel.  Therefore, Gemini contains a soul memory of the opportunities it's possible to miss, through excessive Taurean caution.  .  That's why Geminis of both sexes, and all ages, are so anxious to avoid mental ruts, or any other sort of stalemates, in his incarnation.  Yet, the Twins sympathize with Taurus reluctance to toss away security in favour of the unknown more than most other Sun Signs do because, in a subconscious sense, they've 'been there.' 

As for the Bulls, since Gemini flows Taurus on the astrological circle, all Taurus men and women are faintly aware that they have something to learn from these bright, quick people.  But what Gemini wants to teach, Taurus finds difficult to comprehend.  The Bulls would like to be able to take life more casually, to think fast on their feet, toss away the past without regret, and skip happily ahead into a new adventure each day.  He - or she - wistfully yearns for the freedom of spirit that Gemini, running a few lengths ahead, keeps dangling in front of the slower Taurean, sparkling and enticing.  But - what if someone would break into the house, and steal all the Bull's precious possessions while he (or she) is our chasing butterflies with the Twins?  What if one should happen to stumble, and break one's big toe, while jogging alongside Gemini?  And what if the night air should give Taurus a sore throat?  Who will be waiting back home to nurse and care for him (or her)? 

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