It's always easier to sell life insurance or Blue Cross to Taurus than to Gemini.  A typical astrological Sun Sign situations is a Gemini salesman or saleswoman, from a Scorpio Insurance agency, fast-talking a Taurean customer into signing up for a huge stack of varied policies and annuities.  Bulls are usually careful not to fall for a Mercurial pitch, except when it comes to purchasing solid security and protection for their families and their possessions, not to mention protecting their incomes in the future.  Then, the Bulls become helpless pawns in the hands of a clever and charming Geminian. 

Often the dogmatic Taurean determination to stick with facts that have been tried and tested may seem like stubborn prejudice to the more liberal, open-minded Gemini person.  Conversely, the typical Bull feels it's always possible for an apparently accurate statement of brilliant Gemini logic to be actually conveying a falsehood or deception behind the surface glibness.  What gives Taureans their initial mistrust of Gemini is the Twin's amazing dexterity of speech.  Anyone who can juggle words with such ease, and spin them into such hypnotic tales full of wit and excitement, is suspect to the less loquacious Bulls, who tend to make every word count in their own rare speeches.  In verbal showmanship, the Gemini man or woman is nearly always supremely eloquent, seemingly logical and clear.  Only a Libran can match Gemini's powers of persuasion.  But Taurus is not persuaded so quickly. 

Not all Geminis are completely straightforward in their methods of arguing.  Some of them veer away from the issue on side trips, inciting Taurus to shout angrily, "Stick to the point, will you?  Stop
rationalizing!"  Gemini also leans toward a certain amount of diffusiveness and repetition in speech patterns, which sometimes causes Taurean friends, relatives, business associates, lovers or mates to get into the Fixed habit of simply tuning out, after the third or fourth repeat. 

Astrologer Evangeline Adams (granddaughter of John Quincy Adams, great-granddaughter of John Adams) once noted the typical Gemini verbal dexterity, by using Paul's Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament, as an example.  Verses 25 through 29, Chapter Two, and Verses 1 through 11, Chapter Three, constitute a masterpiece of Gemini glibness and charm, accomplished with Mercury double-talk.  St. Paul, who was surely a Geminian, was obliged to tell the Roman gentiles that circumcision was not a necessary requirement for salvation.  At the same time, he was bound to the Jews, by previous statements he'd made to them that it was.  His efforts to successfully solve this contradiction are a truly classical example at the Gemini mind at its sharpest and best, cleverly confusing each side while irresistibly courting the approval of both.  It's easy to see why Geminis are adept as politicians.  They're able to bring opposite opinions together and hang them on a thread of truth, coated with charm and logic, creating an aura of idealism and peace on all sides.  Gemini is not called the 'communicator' without cause.  President John F. Kennedy was a most typical Geminian, in every respect. 

The airy detachment of Gemini can hurt and annoy Taurus, by turns, because, to the Bulls, detachment is indicative of being either rudely ignored or condescendingly patronized, neither of which is particularly pleasing to them.  Some Bulls carry the scars of real or imagined rejection from an Air Sign for many years.  It's often what causes those streaks of bull-headed stubbornness.  For the life of them, Geminis can't see how anyone could be so opinionated that he (or she) is deaf to all logic and reason.  Yet, an affectionate word or two, an arm thrown around a shoulder, or a warm, friendly clasp of hands (any form of
touching) will make the tender, Venus-ruled Taurean heart melt like butter in the Sun.  For all their cleverness, Geminis frequently fail to comprehend this magic formula for softening the Fixed and firm Taurean mental or emotional position.  He occasional coldness projected by the Mental Sign of the Twins will only freeze the Bull into a more solid limp of obstinate earth.  (Frozen ground is harder to shovel, you know, than the soft, rich earth, which has been kissed awake by the summer Sun.) 

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