Geminis are always looking for short cuts.  All right, Twins, here's a short cut to your compatibility with Bulls.  The most common cause of tension between you is the Taurus habit of feeling, when he (or she) ought to think - and your own habit of thinking, when you ought to feel.  Don't try to dazzle the Bulls with your brilliance, baffle them with bear hugs. 

Is it You?

or is it just that I've made you wear
those love robes I've been saving
since the days when my sand castles
were big enough to walk around inů
and strong enough
to stand against the tides

I can't remember who first said
that - "what you don't know, can't hurt you"
but what's-his-name was wrong
supposing I climb all the way to the top of the tree
then find outů it's not really You

how do I get back down again
all by myself? 

I've always been afraid of heights. 

(Venus Trines at Midnight by Linda Goodman)

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