world out there that needs them.  Of course, first they'll have to overcome the tendency of all 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern associations to exaggerate the negative qualities of their mutual characteristics.  It requires consistent, concerted effort, but if they can cope with keeping this under control, their achievements as a team or a unit can be impressive. 

When two Scorpios set their minds to anything, be it negative or positive, detouring them from their path would be like - oh, I don't know
what it would be like - I guess like attempting any other impossible task.  Not like landing on Mars.  That's possible.  Like… well, like expecting not to become wet when standing in a downpour of rain.  How's that for an example of an 'impossible' feat?  I had to work on it.  So, few things are really impossible when the Keys of the Kingdom have been found by two Scorpions.  Even remaining dry in a cloudburst, perhaps, is then possible - but for now it will suffice as an illustration. 

You might have received the impression that I'm afraid of Scorpios.  Me?  An Aries, ruled by Mars, afraid of Pluto?  Or, in Nature-talk, a sturdy Ram afraid of such a simple creature as the Scorpion?  To be candid, yes - I am.  I'm Fire, Scorpio is Water.  As explained elsewhere in this book, Fire is aware that Water can put out its flame.  And so, yes.  I fear the power of Pluto in Scorpio people.  I fear them, but I also respect them - and respect wins over fear every time.  I've never yet met a Scorpio who really stung me - who hasn't demonstrated the Eagle's steadfast loyalty and support when I've needed it.  Some of them have been quiet (deceptively quiet) and helpful friends, who have treated me gently.  A few have amazed me with their intensity of purpose and strength during periods of soul testing in their personal lives - and almost every one I've known has been deeply compassionate when my own spirit has been troubled. 

If the two Scorps who are skipping along a sandy beach together in this incarnation share a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between their nativities, they might just part the Red Sea themselves.  It's been done once, why not again?  Or perhaps two Scorpios could aspire to somehow prevent the cataclysm predicted for the West Coast, which may be approaching within the next decade, but which
can be stopped.  One way that's been suggested to halt the Earth tremors is through the cessation of nuclear and hydrogen testing beneath the ground.  Another way is to speak out against the reign of sexual excesses and financial greed so highly concentrated in California.  The planet Pluto governs both the negative and the positive aspects of sex, and is soon to re-enter its own sign of Scorpio, which rules the deeper mysteries of religion.  Maybe that's why Scorpio Billy Graham is working on the angle of 'speaking out' the truth, as he sees it personally.  Since he doesn't believe in astrology, he doesn't know why he's so obsessed, so compelled, so intensely determined to win his 'battle for souls.'  But we know why, don't we? 

The proud Eagle type of Scorpio scorns the meanness and pettiness or revenge, which is sometimes resorted to by the lower-evolved Grey Lizards of this Sun Sign… yet even this can rise, like their own symbolic Phoenix, into their full birthright, at any time they choose to do so. 

When Pluto power is contained within two ordinary mortals, if both are Grey Lizards, the pitfalls are many.  If one is Grey Lizard type Scorpio, the other an Eagle, the latter has the power and the glory to raise up the 'fallen angel' in the former, and this has occurred many times.  I've personally observed several occurrences of this sort of miracle, and it's a thrilling kind of magic to see.  If both individuals are the evolved Scorpion Eagles, then the heights to which they can fly together cannot be measured.  If the harmonious relationship of other mutual planets, especially the Moon, is added in their combined vibration, the influence for great good will be greatly increased.  An inspirational and grand friendship or business association may result - an awesome and powerful love affair or marriage may be realized - or a historic spiritual mission on the Earth may be accomplished. 

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