To the two Scorpios reading this:  Remember that your ruling planet, Pluto, contains all the power you need to build happiness into a tower, or to destroy happiness with the energy force of a nuclear blast.  Whether or not you call upon it, such power of will is yours.  Used wisely, there is, literally, nothing you dream that cannot manifest for you.  Not in the 'hereafter,' but in the Here and Now. 

the odd-shaped things I save
that smell, and feel of us…

a crumpled book of matches from the pizza place
some wilted flowers
picked outside the door
you couldn't enter

a bleached and crooked twig
washed ashore at that spot on the sand
where you first said you were lonely
and surprised me into tears

a hotel room key
stuffed inside an airline ticket envelope

…I guess you saved the bird verse
and the memory of my last smile…

they take a little room in your scrapbook

(Venus Trines at Midnight by Linda Goodman)

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