because ignoring Leo is as risky as underestimating a Scorpion.)  As a matter of fact, you can even ask me.  I have a Scorpio son myself, Michael. 

A New York bank recently made the mistake of refusing to allow Mike to open a chequeing account because he 'wasn't old enough.'  That did it, for all time.  He's finished with banks for life.  They simply do not exist for him.  He is (quite seriously and literally) shopping around for a safe with a combination lock in which to keep his cash in the future.  The banks didn't want
him?  Fine.  Then he has no use for them - now - or ever.  That's the way it is, and don't try to seduce him with Christmas Club bonus gifts of electric blankets and egg beaters.  When an Eagle has been rejected, he won't forget.  Remember that, all you banks.  He may possibly give the Colorado Springs National Bank a chance someday, because they've been fair and square with his mother, but they'll have to solicit him with respectful caution if they want his business. 

A Scorpio, male or female, adult or child, has a long memory.  Only Taurus remembers longer.  Eagles are quietly outraged when they learn of an injustice suffered by a friend or family member, and they'll attempt (
attempt?) to see to it that it's not repeated, with a sort of calm 'Godfather' undertone.  Here's an important meditation exercise for Scorpios (and for all those who deal with them.  There are two particular individuals I'm thinking who have the reputation of successfully attaining their goals by never losing their tempers, consistently remaining cool, poised and collected, and always speaking with a soft voice.  A Mafia Godfather.  And Jesus, the carpenter.  The Great Truth is worth hours of contemplation.  Any Eagle understands the message.  The key is in the phrase, 'attaining their goals.' 

When an injustice is committed against Scorpio himself (or herself), retribution is even more certain.  It need not be the next moment.  As a Water Sign, Scorpio is willing to wait.  These people don't need, always, to seek revenge in a tangible way.  Just wishing or willing it on a subconscious level often causes it to occur for those ruled by the awesome planet Pluto - also ruler of the underworld, birth, death, the mysteries of sex, reincarnation and regeneration.  You can imagine what happens when one Scorpio becomes angry with another.  If you can't imagine, I'll tell you.  What happens is they'll both learn fast that 'getting even' is the Big Boomerang especially when it's directed against another Pluto person.  Negative actions and words inevitably return to the sender, through a law of the Universe not even Scorpio can alter or cancel. 

Those times when Scorpio does not seek to even the score, he or she will, at the very least, take care to avoid in the future the person who's caused the unkindness, as if that person didn't exist, until the guilty party begins to feel nervous, not real.  He's not to Scorpio.  What the Eagles do not respect, they ignore, with an all-encompassing disdain.  It makes the victim want to pinch himself (or herself) to be sure of not being a ghost.  Did you ever have a Scorpio stare
through you, as one stares through a glass window?  It's different, somehow even more chilling than when they stare into you.  There's a decided difference, and the latter is preferable.  Once these people have lost faith, it's not an easy thing to earn back their trust and confidence.  Yet when one Scorpio has injured another, confidence and trust will usually be restored more quickly.  There's more compassion and forgiveness between them than either will ever grant to those outside their Pluto serpent-circle, with the occasional exception of Pisces and Cancer.  My literary agent and my editor both being Scorps, plus my production editor and my designer at Harper & Row, you can understand that I usually - not always, but usually - tread carefully. 

All dangers of a clash of wills aside, Scorpio and Scorpio can accomplish many marvels together, considering the immense force resulting from the combining of their latent energies - anything from causing a savings account to grow large enough to purchase their dream home, near the water - producing an award-winning film - to saving the baby seals in Newfoundland from being butchered before their mothers' eyes.  Do you happen to know two Scorpions who aren't busy?  There's a sad, sick

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