brave and optimistic about winning next time.  Scorpio is a very poor loser, frequently saying (and almost meaning) they'd rather die than lose.  To the Eagle, not to win is tantamount to a cardinal sin. 

These two are influenced in their association by the 2-12 vibration, and so there's no denying that Scorpio has lessons of freedom, optimism, daring and self-honesty to learn from Sag, which the Eagle will actively dislike learning.  Yet the situation will be softened somewhat by the Sagittarian's karmic memory tolerance for Scorpio's faults and failings, with the Archer subconsciously remembering what it was like to look upon life so intensely, with such great sensitivity, and dedicated to avoiding such a heavy emotional burden this time 'round… which is why Sag is generally so happy-go-lucky, viewing life more casually, taking the time to roll a few hoops, to see as much of the world as possible - refusing to be really serious about anything, except for those occasional Sags who enter the religious life (but seldom before the end of an exciting search).  Neither will the average Sag be contentedly tied down during this incarnation, to the home fires (especially in youth) with the bonds of Scorpio's powerful sense of duty and obligation.  Sagittarians want to wander on the wind - to be free to answer the call of wild adventure.  Yet they have a generous compassion for Scorpio's different outlook.  The Archers feel, somehow, deeply sympathetic toward the Eagles whose flights are so often grounded, sometimes canceled, by responsibilities, secret fears - and promises to be kept that can't be broken - for the sake of Pluto honour. 

But Sagittarius shouldn't blurt out their compassion aloud, making it sound like pity.  One doesn't dare say "I feel sorry for you" to a Scorpio.  This is a Fire and Water combination, and that sort of mistake could create a lot of steam in the teakettle. 

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