Pluto-ruled man, woman, and child wears a false face - from the moment of birth.  Every day is Halloween to Scorpio.  It's a 'trick or treat' with these people to their dealings with friends, business associates, relatives, lovers and mates.  When you play nasty with them (like hiding in the house with the lights out, pretending not to be home on Spook and Goblin night, or on any night) or are guilty of any similar sort of insult that may justifiably anger the Eagle, the 'trick' you get can be relatively harmless as having the air let out of your tyres, so that you face four flats on a snowy morning when you're late for school, the office or the airport, or discovering that the hairdryer you refused to lend Scorp has been carefully hidden, so that it takes you weeks to find it - to slightly more serious retaliations, like being fired when you least expect it, having a bank loan inexplicably refused, having your library card cancelled with no explanation - all the way to the most chilling, fearsome Pluto revenge of all, having a magic spell cast upon you, which makes you totally invisible to the Eagle.  You are not heard or seen.  The wounded (or angered) Scorpion will simply walk coldly past you, as if you were a picket fence, a discarded grapefruit rind, an empty trash can (empty, not full), a telephone pole, standing there helpless, feeling twenty feet tall, skinny, lonely and full of splinters - or a teeny-tiny insect, like an ant, so small and insignificant you're in danger of being crushed beneath someone's large boot.  (Guess whose boot?) 

That's a general idea of the negative side of not getting precisely what you may see from Scorpio.  There's a positive and happy side to it too, and the Sagittarian mixed up with an Eagle in this 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern may be on the receiving end of either.  But before I describe the positive side of the surprising glimpses behind those Pluto masks, let's switch to Sagittarius for a moment. 

The Archers never sneak up on Scorpio from the rear, as the Eagles do to them.  There is nothing sneaky about Sag.  They're honest enough to kill you right to your face (symbolically, of course) in front of anyone who happens to be standing there… or passing by.  From Sag, it won't be a retaliatory
act of revenge the Scorpio is stung with.  The sting will be verbal.  Loud.  And clear.  Emphatic.  And blunt.  Very blunt.  (Or candid, frank, truthful - you may choose your own term.)  Since Scorpio is capable of such naughty actions when he or she has been hurt or put down or injured in some way emotionally or financially, and Sagittarius stings only with words and never ever with underhanded actions, it might seem that Archers are really the least dangerous of the two, all things considered.  It might seem so, but it's not necessarily true.  Because, you see, the Scorpion only plays 'trick or treat' with that Pluto behaviour when he or she has been the victim of something negative from Sag - whereas the Archer can shoot those stinging, burning, painful verbal arrows into the Eagle for no reason whatsoever.  There need not be a cause.  In fact, the happier Sag is, the more likely he (or she) is to aim the bow and shoot.  The more bright and cheerful the Archers feel, the more they are apt to feel friendly and talkative - gregarious, as it were. 

Sagittarius may not approach from the rear, but Scorpio may wish they would.  It would be less public.  Not always, but usually, the Archer's zinging darts are well meant, seldom intended to hurt.  But for all that, they do.  When Sag says to an Eagle, in front of a group of people, including the Eagle's wife:  "Hey!  Tell everyone that story you told me about that time, last month, when your old girl friend showed up at your office, and coaxed you into taking her out to dinner," the Archer isn't being malicious, he only wants to share a hilarious story with friends.  The end of the story is that the Scorpio did not take the old flame out to dinner, but his wife might leave the party alone before he can explain this.  Facing the Scorpio caper of four flat tyres is less traumatic for an Archer than the scene he faces with his wife, later at home, after being the victim of playful, innocent, harmless Sagittarius.  Of course, it won't stop there.  The following day, poor Sag will become an insect, a splintered telephone pole, grapefruit rind or whatever to the injured Eagle.  Heaven only knows for how long.  Probably until Scorpio thinks Sagittarius has suffered for his sins sufficiently, and that can be a long spell, depending on the magnitude of the sin. 

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