I'll give one more example along this line, an even that actually occurred.  An Archer and an Eagle I know were sitting in Vince Sardi's in New York in the fall of 1975, having gone there for an after-the-theatre snack.  The Eagle had recently gained a few pounds, not many, maybe five or ten, and it was not terribly noticeable, but he was sensitive about it.  (Scorps are extremely sensitive about everything.)  Sag left the table they were sharing and proceeded to merrily table-hop all over the place, saying hello to friends and so forth… and after a few minutes, the Archer cheerfully called out across the crowded dining room to Scorpio, "Don't order one of those chocolate parfaits with whipped cream!  Remember all that fat you have to lose!" 

A sudden silence fell upon the diners.  The Scorpio was a famous person who everyone knew either personally or by reputation.  Approximately ten seconds passed, by the clock.  Then the Eagle called out to his Sagittarius friend across the room, in a deep, rich voice, "Shall I tell the waiter to charge both checks on my tab, since your credit has been cut off until you pay your bill?"  Every eye in the place turned to the red-face, humiliated Archer.  Ah, yes!  'Let the punishment fit the crime,' is Scorpio's motto. 

As determinedly ruthless as some Scorpios can be when they've really been hurt and feel compelled to teach the guilty a lesson they'll never forget, the Eagles can also be unbelievably loyal and fiercely protective of anyone who has ever been kind to them.  That's another surprise the Archer may discover behind Scorpio's Pluto mask - the identity of a warm and loving friend, capable of intense devotion, who will still be there when the fair-weather friends have all flown the coop.  The Sagittarian who can learn to keep his or her mouth out of trouble with the Eagle will never find a more secure port in a storm than Scorpio.  These people will literally risk their lives for a great cause, or to defend someone they care about from any kind of harm or danger. 

But the Archer who can't be still, and who doesn't count to ten (preferably to twenty) before openly blurting out painful observations that cut into Scorpio's poise and self-confidence, will suffer in commensurate measure, or be permanently exiled from Scorpio's magnetic circle.  Once a Scorpio has had enough, it's all over.  It's the end.  Since no one can safely or accurately predict how much it takes to bring an Eagle to that rare, but final, steely-eyed, cold and never retracted decision, Sag should tread carefully and nor push his (or her) luck too far.  That's the trouble.  Archers are always pushing their luck beyond the limit.  Often, they win giant jackpots of all kinds by daring to go that last mile.  But not with Scorpio. 

There are some things these two have in common.  Needing to know all the answers is one.  With Sagittarius, it's called 'inquisitiveness.'  With Scorpio, it's called… well, simply a burning need to
know, a compulsion to probe the buried, the hidden and the mysterious, to ferret out secrets.  'Curiosity' is too mild a word.  As I've said before in this book, and in my book Sun Signs, the Eagles are aware that knowledge is Power, and they're after all of that they can accumulate.  Sagittarians are forever asking blunt, even rude questions, demanding logical answers, wanting to know the 'why' of everything, never resting until they've been convinced.  Scorpio goes about discovering the truth in a more subtle manner, with equal fervor but with a disguised desire.  It's rather amusing to observe the two of them attempting to find out everything about each other.  The Archer is determined to strip off Scorpio's protective mask, and Scorpio won't stop until he (or she) has uncovered every last vestige of the Archer's inner character and various thespian roles.  Sagittarius do enjoy acting out different parts, from time to time, but only for fun, not for sinister purposes.  They'd like to make you guess 'Who am I today?' but they're cheerful about dropping hints, and finally confess what they've been up to with their acts. 

Both Sag and Scorp usually enjoy competitive sports, if they're typical of their Sun Signs.  In this, they are alike, especially the male Archers and Eagles (also many of the females).  It's in the losing that they're different.  Sagittarius is, admittedly, an admirably good loser, normally

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