reading this will be protesting that they're not interested in anyone's business, and therefore are not snoopy.  True, they aren't interested for the purpose of passing on gossip or being judgmental, but they are very much interested in checking things out, in accumulating data, so to speak. 

The things is, although both Scorpio and Aquarius would like to learn everything they can about each other, neither wants him (or her) own mysteries unveiled.  Obviously, it's a situation fraught with all sorts of possibilities.  Each individual association is different, but normally the Scorpion has a slight edge on the Water Bearer when it comes to plumbing the other person's secrets, while managing to keep one's own personal eccentricities and private idiosyncrasies under lock and key.  Not always, but most of the time. 

Another wee difficulty they'll have to overcome is that both Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed Signs.  Fixed is one degree this side of stubborn.  By 'this side' I mean on the side of slightly more so.  Like, unmoving.  Difficult to budge from a position.  The problem is, I believe, self-evident.  The solution requires one or both of them to have the Moon or Ascendant in a Mutable Sign.  This would help a great deal.  Very little else will.  But the wisdom of the stars will usually ensure that at least one of them is influenced by mutable planet positions at birth.  (Of course, Fixed also means stable and lasting, so, like everything else, it has its positive side.) 

One difference between these two is that Scorpio has a long, long memory (only the memory of the Bull is longer, with the Crab running third) - and Aquarius is doing well to recall whether his (or her) car is parked.  This absent-mindedness of the Uranus genius does come in handy, however, for forgetting old wounds.  The typical Water Bearer will seldom hold a grudge or go out of the way to get even.  Scorpio would do well to imitate this Aquarian trait.  On the other side of the fence, Scorpio is an expert in the fine art of self-control, not always, but usually keeping his (or her) emotions disciplined, and Aquarius would do well to imitate Scorpio's Pluto composure and pose, since the average Water Bearer possesses very little self-control and can flash into a streak of anger as unexpectedly, as a lightning bolt (although it normally just as quickly passes). 

Scorpio is inclined to spend money at a somewhat slower rate than Aquarius (although there are exceptions), and is usually aware of where and how it's been spent, whereas Aquarius may not remember whether it was spent, stolen or left on a basement shelf by accident.  Aquarians are always misplacing their car and hose keys, sometimes as frequently as every single day.  Scorpio wouldn't dare lose his (or her) key ring often, because there are at least fifty keys hanging on it, including the keys to the refrigerator, the clothes closet and the bathroom.  (Scorps adore locking up things against nameless intruders.  It makes them feel secure.) 

Still, with all their interwoven and tangled qualities and clashing habits, an association between Scorpio and Aquarius is potentially an interesting experiment and experience for each of them, even for the innocent bystanders and onlookers.  It's educationalů enlightening.  There's one quality Pluto and Uranus bestow upon both Scorpio and Aquarius - one word that describes the influence of these stars over both their personalities:  unpredictable.  This same word perfectly sums up all the possible scores in any compatibility game between them.  But neither Scorpio nor Aquarius would have it any other way.  The Eagle and the Water Bearer are not the kind to enjoy making a bet on a sure thing. 

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