Those of you in any corner of the world who happened to see the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind will recall the trepidation, suspicion and caution with which the Earth scientists and ordinary humans viewed the creatures who (which?) emerged from the Great Mother Ship.  To them, they appeared to be strange blobs of jello, weird creatures - perhaps harmless enough, but one couldn't be sure - oddly shaped and possessing any number of possibly freaky philosophies.  This is precisely the way the typical Scorpio views the typical Aquarian, whether the Water Bearer has just emerged from the Great Mother Ship, from the apartment next door, Woolworth's, a neighbouring barn, a ski lift in Aspen or the Principal's office. 

Aquarius takes a similarly tentative view of Scorpio.  These people seem relatively mild-mannered and quiet, but you never know quite what they're thinking, and those few, those rare Scorps who are talkative and cheery, are even spookier, because you just
know that they have to be hiding something.  Besides, they all have that strange stare that makes you feel that a laser beam is penetrating your Third Eye - to be honest, your entire body.  They're always on the defensive, it seems; so sensitive you never know what you may say that could bring on that stare, and you've heard wild stories about the kinds of things they do to get even if you step on their tails. 

No wonder these two approach each other with their safety belts fastened securely, Aquarius packing a parachute, just in case, and Scorpio carrying a hidden water pistol, just in case.  It won't do a bit of good.  The water pistol.  Aquarius is not a Fire Sign you can squirt on and extinguish.  Aquarius is an Air Sign, and all your Scorpio Water will not drown this person.  Unlike Fire and Water, Water and Air are
not mutually capable of destroying each other.  Actually, Water and Air tend to ignore each other, if anything.  Look at the way the air moves around above a stream, a lake, a river, an ocean or a duck pond or a puddle.  It doesn't even know the water is down there, nor does it care.  Think of the way rain water falls down through the air, right through it, if you please, without even asking "May I?," as if the air didn't even exist.  Yet, when the Air and Water Elements get together as two Sun Signs, and really work at harmony, the result can be as inspiring, uplifting and intoxicating as the scent of fresh rain, mixed with the air of spring, falling on new-mown hay or grass.  Is there any fragrance on this Earth more gorgeous and bursting with miracles than this?  You don't have to live on a farm or in the country to answer in the affirmative.  Wet city sidewalks, freshly rained upon, coupled with the warm air of spring, will have the same dizzying effect upon the sensitive soul.  Just thinking about it makes me want to leave the typewriter and run somewhere exciting… anywhere at all!  But I have at least one planet in Taurus, bless my Faerie Godmother, and so I shall resist the impulse, and remain here in my solitary confinement, pounding the keys.  I hope (seriously) that this paragraph has impressed you with the possibilities of beauty in an association between Aquarius and Scorpio when they both work at it.  It takes some self-sacrifice, but it's so worthwhile. 

Many times, as with 4-10 people of any two Sun Signs, the Water Bearer and the Eagle are brought together in an association involving career or the family circle.  Far more often than in friendships or romantic relationships, although the latter, even if less frequent, may also be beneficial, once the edges are smoothed.  A 4-10 vibration requires extra effort, and this may be why the combination is so often found in situations where there's not a lot of choice in the matter, such as in business associations and blood relationships - which proves that all of our Higher Selves are wiser in the synchronicity of such matters than we puppets, whose strings they manipulate, not trusting us to always make the correct choice for the good of our souls. 

One pastime Scorpio and Aquarius both enjoy (or maybe I should say, are unable to resist) when they're together is probing each other's secrets.  Both are born detectives, and neither can stand not knowing what makes the other tick.  They'll take each other apart, like the works of a clock, Scorpio in a subtle, deceptively casual manner, Aquarius in an occasionally rude and always very direct manner.  I'm sure the Aquarians

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