they also tend to view an insult as a compliment. 

However, conversely, they do not take kindly to certain compliments to which they might apply that reverse trick and turn into an insult.  That's when the Uranus hurricane picks up velocity and could blow the Sag Fires into flaming response.  These are their Red Alert moments of too-close-for-comfort encounters, forest fires and such, when they should be following the earlier given Smokey the Bear astrological advice about remaining cool, calm and collected. 

Both Sag and Aquarius are essentially humanitarians, both easily persuaded to join causes that promote brotherhood and sisterhood - and animal-hood.  They both enjoy, if their typical of their Sun Signs, camping and hiking, being close friends with Mother Nature.  They both like fun and parties and people.  They both have bushel baskets full of friends.  Neither could be called a loner.  But the Archers are more adaptable in their lifestyles than the Aquarians, who are more or less Fixed about their private lives and habit patterns, while advocating sweeping changes for the rest of the world.  This could occasionally cause a donnybrook between them. 

Sag is Mutable and Aquarius is Fixed.  Mutable means that the Centaurs like to communicate a lot, and aren't terribly bossy or domineering.  Although they do kind of like to have their own way.  I know it's a fine line, but there's a difference.  They certainly don't like to be bossed around with too heavy a hand - told what to do - or suspected of dishonesty.  Then, they become slightly outraged, if there is such a thing as 'slightly' outraged.  And Fixed means that Aquarians are just a tad this side of stubborn now and then, somewhat immutable - which is, as you know, the very
opposite of Mutable.  Neither do the Water Bearers demand dominance, but on the other hand, they don't like to be pushed around or shoved into things they don't want to do any more than Sag does. 

The eccentric and unconventional behaviour of Aquarius is more likely to delight than to annoy the Archers, just as the Sagittarian love of travel, freedom and frankness will please the Aquarians.  Right away the Water Bearer can see that Sag is anything but a hypocrite, and that qualifies the Centaur as a lifetime friend to the Uranus person, who despises anything resembling pretense.  "Be what you are, do what you feel and say what you think" - is a motto Jupiter and Uranus espouse with equal enthusiasm. 

The Aquarian involved in an association with Sagittarius will soon enough learn what it's like to have to swallow an occasional dose of his (or her) own curiosity medicine.  Sag will toss many a question into the Water Bearer's little brown jug of knowledge, and probably receive only another question in reply.  (All Air Signs tend to use this technique.)  It won't take the Archer long to answer. 

SAG:  Why are you so quiet?
AQUARIUS:  Why haven't you mentioned my new haircut?
SAG:  I was just about to say that it makes it more visible.  Now there's no problem guessing which one of them. 
AQUARIUS:  Makes what more visible?  Who is them
SAG:  The Seven Dwarfs.  Your ears stick out like Little Dopey's and that haircut really sets them off!

The wise Water Bearer, with the sudden, flashing intuition of Uranus ought to know that Dopey is the Archer's all-time-favourite character.  A little later, Sag will merrily toss the Aquarian another knuckleball compliment. 

SAG:  Your eyes remind me of Dopey too.  They have that same kind of blank expression.  Sort of dazed all the time.  But your disposition is more like Grumpy's.  And your hay fever makes me think of Sneezy.  God knows you're not Bashful. 
AQUARIUS:  Do you know why you could never remind anyone of Dopey? 

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