so terribly sorry.  I'll be out of town and won't be able to come to your surprise party Saturday night."  The hostess could have cheerfully strangled the lovable, glamorous Gabor.  Understandably. 

What is
not understandable, however, is how one lone Virgo lady managed to raise three Aquarian daughters.  But I'm getting it backwards, Uranus-like.  What I meant was that Zsa Zsa and her two sisters, Eva and Magda Gabor, are all three pixilated but brilliant, nitzie, magical female Water Bearers.  Their mother, Jolie Gabor, is a Virgo.  We should all send Jolie sympathy cards.  At least, mental sympathy cards.  Tons of them.  Can you believe it?  They should award medals to women like that - to mothers born under any sign whatsoever, who manage to raise three Aquarians under the same roof, especially of the female sex.  Actually, coping with any mix of boys and girls ruled by Uranus would be sufficient challenge to deserve at least a small blue ribbon for valor.  Particularly when one of them is a mixture of Aquarius and Sagittarius.  One would hardly know what to expect next, except more shocks.  (Did you ever notice that, by just moving around the 'p' and the 'c,' 'expect' becomes 'except'?  Aquarians have.  They notice things like that.) 

If an astrologer could sum up planetary wisdom in one brief phrase, for counseling Sag and Aquarius concerning the achievement of a smooth association together, it would be to advise both of them to make one powerful effort (not just think about it, and agree in principle, but DO IT) to remain
calm, cool and collected, under any and all circumstances.  Such a few words.  But so vitally important to these two Earthlings.  Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, therefore extremely volatile.  Perhaps not as easily incited into combustion as Aries, but nevertheless volatile.  When the Water Bearer (Aquarius is an Air Sign, remember) becomes a little windy and fans the Archer's fiery nature into flames - the resultant conflagration will whip the Aquarius Air into a regular tornado of fury.  Anyone with good ears who happens to be hanging around within a few blocks of the conflict will think the UFO's have landed, prepared to launch an attack.  The close encounters between these two will admittedly, at times, resemble full scale war.  Or invasion. 

Normally, the male or female Water Bearer is a good-natured, tolerant soul, happily tinkering with nonsense and genius, willing to live and let live, bothering no one and behaving in a charming, agreeable, even fascinating manner.  Normally, the male or female Archer is a happy-go-lucky soul, cheerful and friendly, equally tolerant of everyone and everything, bouncing around like a basketball or a hula hoop, grinning and likeable.  It's just those time when the Aquarius Air happens to fan the Sag Fire a bit too much, and the Sag Fire whips the Aquarius Air into a frenzied reaction.  These are rare occasions.  But it's best to be warned. 

Generally speaking, the 3-11 vibration graces the Archer and the Water Bearer with a foundation of real friendship, beneath whatever is the outward reason for their relationship, whether they're simply friends (in which case, they'll be
very good friends), relatives, business associates, lovers or mates.  Being a sextile vibe, it also presents them with lots of opportunities to make up and start all over those times when they do quarrel, with little or no bitterness over past mutual resentment.  They usually do reconcile eventually, these two, because of the karmic implications of the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern (see Sun Sign Pattern section in the back of this book). 

One nice thing about their togetherness is that the Archer's blunt arrows of truth seem to be rubber tipped when they're shot toward the Aquarian.  Even if they're sharp, they
seem soft-tipped.  Because the typical Water Bearer doesn't really mind the truth all that much.  It doesn't hurt or fluster them the way it does with most Sun Signs.  They just shrug, wiggle their ears and agree, surprising the Archers, who are accustomed to taking it on the chin from others after they've unintentionally stuck the rather large Jupiter foot in their mouths.  Besides, since Aquarians frequently see life in a kind of upside-down or backwards fashion (the Present always confuses them, since they live in the Future) and since they tend to laugh when they're sad, and weep when they're joyous -

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