how many women pursued him that afternoon, than you are of how desirable you are to him.  But the more balanced Libran is usually quite prepared to have a relationship, as opposed to a fling, because he likes companionship and wants more than a good roll in the hay.  He has a mind, after all, and often a brilliant one, and he needs friendship and intellectual companionship too. Librans are often marriage-minded, and many Libran men marry very young.  They also frequently marry more than once, since the first one isn't perfect.  And if your life path is about learning to relate, then often more than one relationship is needed to learn.  The frequency of broken marriages among Librans shouldn't be looked upon as failure.  If you're seeking the depths of a particular experience in life, you need to try a lot of things to find out about it. 

The Libran man is also a real romantic.  He understands things like flowers, soft music, quieter evenings in intimate restaurants, elegant parties.  He needs them too much himself not to recognize a woman's needs for them as well.  And what he can't bear is an unromantic partner, a partner who has no time for his longings for the fantasy life.  However long you're with a Libran, he still adheres to the tenets of courtly love.  Never take him for granted.  He usually won't take you for granted either, unless you've crushed his love for romance by being too flat-footed and prosaic and trampling on his dreams.  Then he'll seek his romance elsewhere, and show the chillier side of him, the one that keeps the marriage together because it's convenient. 

Definitely not an easy man to get along with if you're very basic by nature.  And he has a tendency, too, to retreat into his head to such a degree that you don't know what he's talking about.  He can get pretty abstract, or just wander off into some inner theoretical landscape that leaves you feeling very cut off and alone.  But all the airy signs do this, and they do it in excess when they've been threatened emotionally.  It's hard for them to remain in the world in the midst of other people's physical and emotional problems and desires for very long.  Libra needs to escape sometimes to his ivory tower, in whatever form it takes.  And anyone involved with a Libra must allow it, because it's part of his nature.  Provided, of course, that it's in balance.  And if it isn't you can't drag him down from it.  You can only coax him, be reasonable, and trust that eventually his need of relationship will always bring him from whatever airy heights he's climbed back into the world of human interchange. 

The Libra Woman

With the curious magic of polarities that occurs in this sign, the Libra woman, although she shares in common with the Libran man the love of beauty and style and elegance, often has a mind like a steel trap.   This lady is not the vague, fluffy bundle of fur and giggles that will stare open-mouthed at your mental acrobatics.  She's probably either got a string of academic degrees or might as well have, and has worked through whatever it is you've taken two hours at in about ten minutes. 

Libran women can be quite unnerving.  They often show the enormous paradox of the sign in the contradiction between their appearance and their real nature.  Sometimes you meet a Libra woman who has gone off to the opposite pole, and is the opposite of physically attentive; these are often the women you meet in the masculine (so-called) professions who prefer to find their beauty and elegance in the world of ideas.  But even here you can see the style and the diplomacy at work.  And the Libra woman is usually very aware of her appearance.  But her appearance often belies the capacities and capabilities of her intellect.  She is, however, generally too tactful and diplomatic to allow this to be immediately known.  In fact you may not find it out for years. 

There's often a strong intellectual drive in the Libran woman, whether this shows itself as love of knowledge in a theoretical way or

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